Sunday, July 29, 2007

Masa itu emas

Time is precious!!!
you will feel so when you have a look at my timetable...

When we first got our main timetable, we began to arrange and choose which lecture or tutorial classes that we want to attend. Well, Chemi students have not much choices as most of us set up exactly the same timetable with all the same slots when we discuss it the night before the first day of lecture.

The important criteria that we emphasize on when we choose those slots are :
-the quality of the lecturer (with the help of seniors)
* strictly no classes after 7 pm during weekdays
* no afternoon classes on fridays as all of us would love to go home earlier when there's a holiday

Finally, we came up with a schedule where we have 9 HOURS of classes on tuesday (plus lab)
The busiest days are mondays, tuesdays and thursdays...for wednesday and friday, we only have two classes each..haha...

Although it seems a bit of unevenly distributed but this is the best we can get after considering most factors and following those criterias that we had set up...

Well, tutorials starting next week, hopefully everything will move on smoothly.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Still not used to my new surrounding yet. I usually wash my plates and cup in the toilet when I stayed in hostel last time. Now, since we have a KITCHEN and a SINK…we are suppose to wash it there but I have forgotten about the kitchen and went to the toilet instead AUTOMATICALLY…haha….

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back in UTP, more SURPRISES!!!

Finally, i'm back in UTP. Can't online in my room, therefore, updating my blog in block 1 lab currently. Pity huh? This is my second day of the new semester but many unexpected things had happened.

Firstly, I guess all the form 5/2005 SMK Raja Mahadians will surely remember Prashanth Nair right? Haha, yeah... He is in UTP!!! Hoho, i was really shocked to see him in my IMSE class, taking Petroleum Engineering!!! I can't believe my own eyes at first...but after class, we meet up and have a chat, took each other's handphone numbers and head to the next class...

Next, everyone have changed...really CHANGED...mei fang had her hair cut and dyed, Lily straightened and dyed and lots more new faces with new style too...things really changed.

Third, new students!!! Juniors coming in like water flowing non-stop. Met some of them at V2 cafe when I was selling my notes. They are quite friendly and innocent. Haha...reminds me of last time when we just arrived in UTP, not knowing ANYTHING...I was like interviewed by two reporters, lots of questions are thrown to me. I am glad that at least i can explain a bit and help them out ^^ (old senior liao...huhu)

Then, there are some changes in relationship between friends too, some are closer than before but some are not, again, things changes, can't be avoided, therefore, just let it go and flow with what you are suppose to do and don't *step on other people's tail* can already =P

Fifth, undergraduate is indeed different from foundation, i doubt that whether i can get use to it... tutorials are less important now. Physical and Organic Chemistry lab 3 hours each. Tuesday is the busiest day of the whole week as we have lab and lectures.
Total number of study hours on tuesday: 9
I wonder do i have time for lunch??

Talking about happy stuff, I am indeed very happy and satisfied with my room. Staying in Village 5 now, it is almost perfect, the room, kitchen, even the toilet. They are still so new and clean. Very comfortable. The only thing is, it is very far from my lecture hall. Every morning, I have to wake up earlier to walk to Pocket D. I can't have my breakfast in my room too as I have to walk so far (save time), eat while walking to class (kinda used to it dy) haha...

Hopefully this new semester brings new hope and better than the previous sem!!! Gambatte!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007


Received a call this afternoon…my brother is coming home on Friday morning!!!

Haha…for these six weeks, I only saw him three times. My mum said maybe he come home purposely to see me because he NEVER come home on Fridays. So happy…whenever he comes home, sure got lots of new stuffs, new movies, songs, etc…
We always chat until late mid night and we can chat about almost everything too.

My mum knew that we will surely chat and play the whole day tomorrow. Therefore, I have to pack ALL of my things properly tonight and put into one corner so that we can have the whole day to ourselves tomorrow. Good Lord!! I will always headache when it comes to packing stuff, especially when it’s the start of the new semester.

At the meantime, I am busy arranging my timetable too. It’s already headache enough to choose the suitable slot this time as we have to choose our own lecture time too. It’s not like when we are in foundation, lecture time is given and it’s confirmed, not changeable. Oh yeah…undergrad is definitely DIFFERENT!!

Oh, my room is so untidy now until my father left with two words *so messy* when he came for a visit to check things out. Oh God, help me……………T.T

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tricked >.<

I was ASKED to return to UTP one week earlier to attend IW meetings. After given long thoughts, I decided not to go back so early due to some disadvantages stated in my previous post. Therefore, when my *head* ask me to attend a meeting on this Tuesday last week, I rejected with REASONABLE reasons. Then, there is one IW family day this Thursday which is held at Ulu Cepor (never heard before) and requires us to bring RM 10 this Tuesday itself. Again, I rejected it.

Tuesday morning itself, I received a short message saying that the meeting is canceled without stating any reason. Hahaha…what is this??!!! Luckily I didn’t rush back UTP one week earlier to be a hungry ghost everyday, sitting there waiting for the meeting which is canceled at the last minute!!

What a joke… Will they cancel the family day at the last minute too?

Hmmp…I wonder…

The truth hurts

We are living in a very cruel world as we don’t always get what we desire, what we dreamt of. Sometimes, one does ponder whether to speak of the truth or to continue telling lies. Under certain circumstances, we always did silly mistakes. Even adults did silly mistakes.

It is always advisable to not telling lies, to always be truthful and sincere…once you start to tell A lie, you have to use 10 to cover up your previous ones. This is so true…However, is it advisable to always speak of the truth? For example, some cosmetic salesperson will never speak of the truth because if they did, they will never be able to sell their products. Haha…this is just a cold joke…

*The truth hurts*

What if you are telling the truth? Will your friends appreciate it? Will they think that you are honest to tell them the truth? Can they accept it? That’s another different thing.

Sometimes, we do prefer to live in our own imaginary world, even if it’s full of lies, just to avoid facing the truth.

As I said, there may be misunderstandings. It takes a lot of effort to communicate between human, to understand each other’s thoughts and feelings. There are millions of people in this world, but why can we still meet each other? It’s all because of fate. Therefore, we must appreciate the ones beside us. Don’t leave a scar in your heart just because of something that someone had done unintentionally.

If I had ever did anything that you feel uncomfortable with, my silence readers, I sincerely apologize here…*I am sorry*

Silence kills

Have you ever stand between two people who are having a cold war at that moment?

Well, i had...and the situation is so unpleasant that you would give anything in the world to get out of there...hmmp, maybe i am exaggerating but i really can't stand the silence at that moment. *silence kills*

Standing in between makes you feel important, the pressure and responsibility of bringing them back together again, to bury the hatchet...but that's a dangerous job too as you may just say something wrong and the situation will become from bad to worse or you may end up bringing them back together again and it's a happy ending after all.

As a conclusion, we should appreciate the ones beside us, no matter they are our friends, parents or even life partners. Never quarrel or misunderstood each other makes everyone suffer.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

11th July 2007

Went to Times Square to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Chang Hua and Yoon Yeh, what a great time we have had ^^. As we didn’t make any reservations beforehand, we had to rush to the cinema once we reached there. Unfortunately, all the nice places were already full then. Therefore, we bought the tickets for 4th row *Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix* and followed by 3rd row *Transformer*.

Since it’s not time yet, we had our early lunch in Secret Recipe and then back to the cinema with a cup of gas drink. Well, not much comment for this movie as I have not really read the book yet. All I can say is Quidditch is not mentioned at all and it is quite *dark* as Lord Voldemort is back. Haha… as there is one more hour left before the next movie, we decided to go to Lowyat and Sungai Wang for a walk. However, Yoon Yeh managed buy a jacket there and we are off to watch the next movie then. Hmmp, as many of my friends said, Transformer is indeed a fantastic movie, but maybe due to the lack of sleep the previous night, I sort of fallen asleep for a short while…(transformer’s fans out there, don’t beat me up please…heheh…).

After the movie, it’s already 6.30pm. Therefore, we had our dinner in Kenny Rogers and then off for MORE shopping. I managed to buy a T-shirt and Chang Hua bought two but still not satisfied because he didn’t get to buy his pink shirt. (hehe…)

Then, the most unexpected thing happened. We met Ah Peow!!! In KL!!! What a small world…he had done his shopping. Therefore, he just follows us around and what a great time we had. Finally, we leave Times Square at around 9.30pm and I reach Klang KTM station at around 11.20pm. What a tiring but extremely happy day =P.

Thanks lots guyz…bb^^

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Those were the days

Who says that living in a hostel is not fun? All of my friends who shifted to apartment last semester really missed their own room in Village 2C. It is because living in a hostel is more happening than in an apartment. Although you may hear annoying footsteps in the middle of the night (because my room is next to the toilet,hee) or even extraordinary loud laughter even when exams are coming, you will still feel the heat and happy that all your friends are around. We used to run into each other's rooms (all at the same floor) to pass things around or chit chat until middle of the night. But now, we have to go from block to block as we are all living in different villages now...T.T

Those were the days where all of us are still in 1 block...

(From left- tnay, xiu ying, mei fang yoke mun and xiao min)

Our beautiful legs...wakaka...

Haha, nothing to do after our finals...

What's a witch with a 'broom stick' doing here?

going for a singing competition?

or yoke mun the guitarist?

Really miss you^^