Friday, March 27, 2009


Dammit....hate that certain period in a month which makes me go haywire...

Woke up from my not-so-sweet dream and started to feel that my abdomen is aching =(
It worsen till i have to roll on my bed, can't even walk or eat. So i just pop 2 panadols without lunch and continue rolling T_T

Unconsciously, i fall into a deep sleep and dream of my little God sis. Once i open my eyes, she is in front of me!!! can u believe that? haha...

Thank God the pain is gone. Was happily entertaining her with my soft toys on the bed and some computer games... it went well =)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Was happily shopping with parents in JJ while thinking of what to buy for him...wanna praise him for his tolerance and patience all this while when i'm in a bad temper ^_^

Walking into many gift shops but come out empty-handed...don't know what to give but there are sooooo many things in those shops that activated my imagination and creativity...hehe

Finally bought 2 lil creatures which i have a story to write at..but not here..kekekeh >.<
Opps.. they go disturb my niu niu...

Niu niu angry liaw =(

But rabbit come and comfort niu niu...有难同当 =)

Then mummy hippo and bear bear also come and cuddle niu sweet!!! but pity niu niu kena kemek like pan cake... that's how we have beef sandwich!!! wakaka >.<

opps...that was not the original story i wanna create tho..i'm just too wu liaw and tension with prob stat this holiday =(

Continue with my assignment T__T hate the system.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Female drivers funny video =)

This is what female drivers will do when they are driving...

Not to say that my driving skills is good ar...i'm not better either...
but just to entertain you guys...haha
and don't you guys think that you are better humble >.< wakaka!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


21 is good, but not as good as sweet 18...huhu

In Chinese tradition, on our 21st birthday, we will get a chain with key from our parents indicating that we are free-ed and grown up...and i got mine ^_^

my bro and i get to pick our own keys since we were in secondary school. Cute ler >.<

Happy 21st

Just had a very splendid and surprising birthday this year.

It all started this morning when we woke up in the slightly cool weather, our last moment in Cameron (will blog about Cameron later). Had brunch and down the hill we go! It was a very big mistake that we immediately set off after brunch because moments later, i started to feel dizzy and wanna puke =(

Tried to have a nap but can't get rid of that feeling, in the end...i can't stand it anymore, as there was no plastic bag in the car, i puked through the car window. I sympathize the car behind who might have the chance of covering their windscreen with my "art". haha...(sorry hh for dirtying ur car T_T ]

Felt so relieved after puking but not fully recovered yet. Am so happy to see that we approached the waterfall just in time for me to have a rest ^_^

It's located in between the route to KL and Cameron...quite a tourist's spot. It was kinda like a pit stop for us =)

Going in further, it has a better view and the water is so cooling till we can't resist in dipping our feet in the icy water ^_^

Just by thinking of the rest of the journey makes me sick again, but luckily we bought some sour plum and i just pop one into my mouth and sleep throughout the whole journey. Thankfully nothing happened =)

Reached Klang's ktm station around 5.30 pm and picked up by dad, mum, aunt and cousin sister. Am surprised that they had been waiting at my house since Saturday night T_T guilty...

They already booked a place for 7 in JJ's Kim Gary Restaurant... SEVEN??? who else???
haha...rupa-rupanya it's my bro's gf..hehe...a very soft-spoken and quiet girl, hope to have more conversations with her =) don't they look lovely together? haha...

Then off to Kim Gary we go!!! Had been there quite a number of times till im out of my mind in what to eat but was convinced by my cousin, Audrey to try out the set meal, stone-grilled rice with seafood cooked in Japanese style?? oh well, worth a try, why nort?

what is inside: unagi, fried egg, crab stick, peas, inoki mushrooms, octopus, sliced fishballs, vegetable, rice and special sauce.

It was burning hot the whole time im eating because the stone pot continues to cook ur rice and all even when you are eating. lolx...

Turned off by some broken-headed little octopus in my pot. haha... i'll definately won't eat that. Finally it goes into Audrey's mouth ^_^

Had a very satiated dinner and went home...there is more to come...

My lovely assorted secret recipe cakes and some red eggs!!!

hehe, although it looks a bit weird but who cares? It is special and everyone can get a bite in each flavour AND we can save time and energy in cutting the cakes because it is already in pieces!! wakaka... happy ^_^

My bro can't get enough of the delicious cakes and licks the cake divider =.="

Suku de gor disgusting...but leng zai ler..wakaka >.<

Lastly, wanna take everyone's picture but they keep running away from me =(
haha..overally, has a super duper happy day and thanks to all who wished me and thanks to my family who spent the time to prepare and celebrate with me especially my parents. I feel so loved!!! XD u both the most!!! =*

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A new beginning

Refreshing froz3ntree's blogspot............PROCESSING.................
Cancelling out emo posts................PROCESSING...............
Update new stuffs.............PROCESSING................

I'm so freakin' free now...hahaha >.<