Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Quote from someone wise:

This is what we call "commitment". Once we are committed, we cannot back out just like that. Very irresponsible and you lose people's trust.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Lam Fung @ 花花世界花家姐 :D

Damn those mosquito

I have quite a high body temperature lately.. no, its not because im having a fever, or period. Just....................slightly higher than usual..

This attracts lots of mosquito to "kiss" me whenever i fall asleep. Hands, legs, my back, fingers and even my toes! everywhere!!! imagine how irritating it is and i can't sleep well too :(

I should wrap myself like a baby tonight or I should not sleep at all? haha~
SHOO YOU! Stupid mosquito!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meaningful discussion with Dad

My dad is a very rational, down-to-earth person. So one fine day i decided to ask him through gtalk:

If u r a very rational person, whom u will think a lot, (so i assume he falls in love controlled by his brain and not his heart) how do u chase mummy?

(uncut version) oh..wen in love, even thinking of him makes your heart beat like hell, wen u fall in love, u lose ur brain..i.e. u can't think straight..u jus can't wait to see
him...n wen u see him, u jus don't want to go home. wen u dont see him, u miss him like hell. does this answer ur Q?

(I was there thinking.... wtheck? I didn't say me....why he keep on using "HIM"...wakaka!
he must be feeling damn weird why I suddenly ask this kinda question and i'
m highly suspecting that he thinks I'm in LOVE and dunno what to do!! LOL~ cham T_T)

hahahaha sounds so not like u cos u think a lot before doing anything

hahah..i'm also humanlah. one day i was outside my friends house and mummy walk past in her nurse uniform and she was very fair then with shoulderlong
o beautiful..i must tackle, so i ask her friend to introduce..i oso dun believe i got so brave so u came out lah..heheh

Lol~ means u see appearance lo?

if i marry an ugly one, u will oso be ugly now, so be happy...

I =.=" till max ady.... so in conclusion, all guys and girls are the same, they look at appearance 1st then only the heart~

Anyways, I love my family and I think that my dad and mum are meant for each other, so be it :D I wish i can be like them too ^_^

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Food for thought

What was i thinking? hmm~
when is the food coming? No....
what is Mildred eating? No....


I've been having a lot of thoughts in my mind nowadays. Finally I know what I should do to achieve my short term goal and I should start planning in order to achieve it!!

Which means, no more old routine for me anymore~

Gambatte!!!! With strong willpower.. hope to see the new Me :D