Friday, November 04, 2011


Still looking for the person who can make me smile when I'm angry :D

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A tough battle with termites

It's the very first morning at home after I left UTP for good. My dad knocked on my door at 11.30 am and with a very worried tone, he rushed into my room's toilet door and started digging the door frame. I was half awake at that time. Still in a shocking mood, he told me that our door frames are attacked by termites!

I can feel that the door frame is so soft under the pressure of my thumb and i can hear the "crek crek crek" sound made by the termites. So we called up the pest control company and the guy suggest on 3 methods to solve our termite problem:

1) Normal spraying of chemicals at the infected area. Cost: RM680
2) Drilling multiple holes through the floor to spray the chemicals into underground area. Cost: RM1600
3) Termite baiting system. Cost: RM1800

The first method involves spraying at the infected door frame only. It will kill the termites for the moment but they might come back easily after a period of time. It's a budget method to cure the termite problem but its not very effective. Canceled.

The second method involves drilling hundreds of holes in the joints of the floor tiles. This is the most common method and there will be a hole every 2 feet of tiles. However, drilling hundreds of holes in your floor will of course destroy your beautiful tiled floor. Therefore, it is canceled.

Final method which is the termite baiting system is quite popular today since it doesn’t require holes to be drilled into your floor. They will install a container with poisoned termite food attached to the door frame. This will kill the whole colony of termites underground and it is proved to be effective.

So in the end we picked the third method and the guy help us install it on the spot. The roof and 1st floor are checked and its termite free. Therefore we only need to treat the doors downstairs.

We poked a hole through the door frame and stick some tissue at the entrance as bait. Termites start to climb out of the whole (creepy)

He glued the Sentricon (bait) to three of our door frames and just leave it for the termites to eat.

We have to live with this thing for a year and they will visit us 8 times in a year to monitor the termites condition until it is totally gone~

Which means we have to live with one year of soft door frame and hope that they wont just fall off anytime T__T

Fun fact: the queen termite is giving birth to 20,000 little termites everyday. So beware!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is this the end?

This is the day!!! the day!!! the day i finished my FYP presentation!!

Was so nervous the previous night until i can't think of anything...
Many many thanks to all my friends who supported and comforted me... really thankful to have you guys around...

I will definitely miss those moments pia-ing for exams and presentations but life has to go on. I can't wait to end everything here in UTP and start on my new chapter of life...

Waittttt for meeeeeeeeeeee :D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

oink oink (>.<)

Final year sickness

Final year final sem in UTP:


1) Skip OM class since mid sem break
2) Get to go Pink shop & Oon Huat for appropriate meals almost everyday
3) Get to play arseface every meal in Tronoh
4) More outings


1) More last minute work
2) Procrastination getting more serious
3) More stress when due date is nearer
4) FYP FYP FYP!!!!
5) More sickness ... hormone imbalance & allergy to seafood? (wth? when did this happen?)

All in all, negative wins!!!

I just wanna grad............ (",)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Explosive Egg

Suddenly crave for hard boiled egg, so i boil one with my electric kettle. While boiling i heard a little "crik" sound. So i check the egg, a little crack appeared with some egg white sticking out. Thinking that it's quite normal, i ignored it.....

A few minutes later, i heard a louder "pop" sound and huge amount of water started flowing out... panicked, i lift the whole kettle up but its too hot and water still flowing out non-stop. I quickly move my external HD and some of the wet papers and files to a dryer place T___T

The aftermath was terrible. my documents and books are wet, table is covered with egg yolk + water..yucks!

Lesson learnt, when there is a crack in the egg, do not continue boiling it :(

Sunday, July 03, 2011


Tensed up with FYP, OM and Taiwan trip at the same time....

Tick tock, tick tock, i can hear the clock is ticking away very fast, every second counts, im seriously running out of time...(and stupidly I still can spend some time blogging here)

Phoned my dad to confirm whether he gonna have dinner in Tronoh or not tomorrow and he answered:

Dad: Tomorrow?! What tomorrow? I thought I'm supposed to fetch u on thursday and ur flight is on friday right?

Me: what?! no no~ i told u 4th, which is on monday, and im flying on the 5th, tuesday ler~
(still thinking whether i got gave him the wrong info or not) ~almost wanna cry out dy, what if i din call him tonight? then i cant make it for the flight lo?~ huhuhu T___T

Dad: haha! JUST KIDDING la~ we gonna depart at 3pm plus tomorrow....

Me: PPPPHHHHEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW~ almost had heart attack ler~ :(

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Quote from someone wise:

This is what we call "commitment". Once we are committed, we cannot back out just like that. Very irresponsible and you lose people's trust.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Lam Fung @ 花花世界花家姐 :D

Damn those mosquito

I have quite a high body temperature lately.. no, its not because im having a fever, or period. Just....................slightly higher than usual..

This attracts lots of mosquito to "kiss" me whenever i fall asleep. Hands, legs, my back, fingers and even my toes! everywhere!!! imagine how irritating it is and i can't sleep well too :(

I should wrap myself like a baby tonight or I should not sleep at all? haha~
SHOO YOU! Stupid mosquito!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meaningful discussion with Dad

My dad is a very rational, down-to-earth person. So one fine day i decided to ask him through gtalk:

If u r a very rational person, whom u will think a lot, (so i assume he falls in love controlled by his brain and not his heart) how do u chase mummy?

(uncut version) oh..wen in love, even thinking of him makes your heart beat like hell, wen u fall in love, u lose ur brain..i.e. u can't think straight..u jus can't wait to see
him...n wen u see him, u jus don't want to go home. wen u dont see him, u miss him like hell. does this answer ur Q?

(I was there thinking.... wtheck? I didn't say me....why he keep on using "HIM"...wakaka!
he must be feeling damn weird why I suddenly ask this kinda question and i'
m highly suspecting that he thinks I'm in LOVE and dunno what to do!! LOL~ cham T_T)

hahahaha sounds so not like u cos u think a lot before doing anything

hahah..i'm also humanlah. one day i was outside my friends house and mummy walk past in her nurse uniform and she was very fair then with shoulderlong
o beautiful..i must tackle, so i ask her friend to introduce..i oso dun believe i got so brave so u came out lah..heheh

Lol~ means u see appearance lo?

if i marry an ugly one, u will oso be ugly now, so be happy...

I =.=" till max ady.... so in conclusion, all guys and girls are the same, they look at appearance 1st then only the heart~

Anyways, I love my family and I think that my dad and mum are meant for each other, so be it :D I wish i can be like them too ^_^

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Food for thought

What was i thinking? hmm~
when is the food coming? No....
what is Mildred eating? No....


I've been having a lot of thoughts in my mind nowadays. Finally I know what I should do to achieve my short term goal and I should start planning in order to achieve it!!

Which means, no more old routine for me anymore~

Gambatte!!!! With strong willpower.. hope to see the new Me :D

Saturday, May 28, 2011




Saturday, April 30, 2011

Second last study week!

Study week is here again! But the study week period has been shortened this time as compared to all these years in UTP. From 1 week plus became 5 days! zzz liaw...if you are the ones who doesn't study during the semester, you better stop sleeping and start pia-ing already by now. (refering to myself) sobx...

So what is study week without snacks? Snacks is a must to keep myself from falling asleep OR when my mouth is itchy and i wanna *munch munch* OR if i use too much brain power and i need to regain the power! muahahaha~

i <3 snacksssss~ (saje wan kacau Cally for complaining her mulut gatal to me) =p

Gambatte everyone for Finals!!! =D

The myth of the Spider

Recently something happened to my blog's layout which shows a lot of "photobucket" and i don't know what is that. Anyway, let's stick with this temporary layout for the moment =)

So there is this new found friend of mine which is a very wise person. I learned a lot of things and tried to be more open minded about life. This is one of the very meaningful article my friend showed me:

The myth of the Spider
A myth submitted to the site by SpiderMan

Once upon a time, there was a temple to which many people went to pray to the Buddha. A spider made a net on the beams. As time went by, the spider was edified and received wisdom.

All of a sudden, one day, the Buddha came to the temple. Inadvertently he saw the spider. He asked her:" You have lived here and thought for one thousand years, I want to ask you a question." The spider was glad that the Buddha would speak to her, so she promised to reply. The Buddha said: "What do you think is the most precious thing?" The spider answered:"I think the most precious thing is what I can't get and what I have lost." The Buddha left without a word.

After a thousand years, the Buddha came and asked the spider the same question. The spider gave the same answer also.
The Buddha said: "You can have a profound think, and I will come back to you some day."

One day after a millennium, a sudden gale rolled a drop of dew up to the net. The dew was glistening and translucent,
spider liked it very much and she was happy looking at the drop of dew everyday. But after a few days, the wind rolled the dew away from her. The spider felt lost. Then the Buddha came again. He asked:" Have you had a profound think about that question?"

The spider thought of the dew, so she said :"What I can't get and have lost is the most precious thing in the world for me." Buddha said: "That being the case, I will let you become a person."

So the spider become a beautiful girl of a rich family in the capital city. One day, the emperor rewarded the champion of the country who was named Dew. All of the girls in the capital were attracted to Dew. But Spider believed that Dew will fall in love with her because of the Buddha.

But Dew had no impression of Spider, and didn't like Spider. Spider was sad. A few months later, the emperor announced that Dew would marry the Princess Wind and Spider would marry Prince Grass.

She knew this and was extremely disappointed. She didn't have anything to eat for several days and was going to die.
Then Prince Grass came hurriedly, and talked about his feeling of love for Spider. He said:" If you die, I will go with you!" He was ready to die.

Just then, the Buddha came. He said to Spider:" Have you ever thought about who brings Dew to you? The Wind does this. And at last, the Wind will take it back. Dew belongs to Wind, not to you. But have you thought of Grass? He was the grass living in front of the temple. He was looking at you for three thousand years and loving you for three thousand years, but you never took any notice of him. Now, Spider, what do you think is the most precious in the world?"

Spider understood the Buddha's meaning at once. She woke up, stopped Grass and gave Grass a deep hug. She said to the Buddha:" Now I know the most precious thing is the happiness I can have right now."

By SpiderMan

(taken from

Let's have deep thoughts tonight before you go to bed, be contented and appreciate the most precious thing to you =D

Good night world!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


New addition to the family!
Scott's emulsion with Calcium! Helps build body's natural resistance to infections and develop strong bones & teeth! =D

It was a long time ago since i last took cod liver oil~ just try 1 bottle for the fun of it...

Monday, March 07, 2011

Chemi Sukaneka '11

6th of March 2011 marks a very important date for all the chemi(s) July 06/07. It's our long awaited Chemi Family Day =D

I tried very hard to wake up at 7.30 am with only 2 hours of sleep. (It was another crazy night with the girls =p)

Luckily, I managed to avoid ffk-ing my coursemates and off to the field beside UTP lake...

We are separated into 6 different groups with assigned colours and I'm in Yellow group! Go Go Yellow!!! The whole 6 hours of the event was filled with 8 creative and wonderful games. I'm really thankful that I didn't missed out the fun and also appreciate the hard work of committees in making this event a success. =D

Although "Yellow" came in Last and "Red" 2nd Last, we are still happy cause we had fun!!! =p
The punishment of singing UTP song to the Pak Guard in front of the Guard House is not that bad =)

The souvenir i got from this event.... Sunburn sunburn!!!! T___T

Saturday, March 05, 2011



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free body check up

Just went for a free simple body check up on blood pressure and glucose level yesterday at Pocket D~ everything seems normal =)

Too bad i still can't check what blood type I am...

Ipoh on Saturday~ anyone? =p

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My new love

Use traditionally for relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints, symptoms of stomach-aches and cold~

<3 the smell of it~ gives me the energy and spirit to continue my work when i'm tired =)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sei Ngan Mui

Started wearing spectacle since I was in Standard 4 when my teacher asked me to sit at the back row and I can't read what she written on the black board...

To me (at that age), opticians are very scary and they might just scoop out your eye balls anytime. That is one of the reasons why i delayed my trip to the optician shop until my power became 300 (both sides) during my first visit. Kinda regretted it...

However, so many years gone by, and I had tried on so many different kind of patterns, from round --> frameless --> half frame --> full frame spectacles.

It's time to go spectacle-less? Hmm.........(scary also) =D