Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mid sem break in UTP

Mid sem break is from 4th till 16th Sept.....
and i can't go home because there's no one at home...so i went KL for a week and back to UTP since 10th Sept (last Friday)

Gosh~ u can't imagine how scary UTP is....I never see UTP's environment that QUIET before...I switch on my laptop 24/7 with the music on loudly, curtain closed 24/7 and lights on 24/7 too...try not to go out that often after dark..

I still remember the 1st day i arrived, i saw my housemate's door curtain is tied up like this:

The next day, it became like this:

After investigation...there's no wind, no one in my house, no cats, no mak cik cleaner...so wad is that? T___T a sign?

The girls' block corridor is very dark and quiet too..unlike normal dayzzzz.

My house, used to be so happening....

=( Roomate will only be back on Sunday~ haha! bear with it! YOSH!!!!

Since we always leave our music on even tho we go Tronoh for dinner, quote from YY: you will hear this song when you wanna open your door *我等着你回来~ 我等着你回来~* (direct translation: I'm waiting for you to come back~ I'm waiting for you to come back~)