Sunday, February 07, 2010

Kissed by a rat!

Rats are not cool, no matter how you help them dressed up, rats are still rats!

Imagine them loitering around your kitchen, with their dirty body, sniffing for food...

One warm night, I was getting a bit hungry, so I went downstairs to get some hot water for my milo.

Switched on the lights, pour the powder into the cup and prepare to throw the emptied packet into the rubbish bin when suddenly something dark and black flash by!

Puzzled and when I don't even have the time to figure out, something BANG onto my foot and make a weird noise!

I'm stunned with shaky legs and didn't even have the energy to scream T__________T

Are rats BLIND? After the weird encounter, it sort of change its direction and ran out through the window. wtf!!

No matter how many times i tried to wash my foot, I still have the dirty rat feeling on it. Yucks!

The kitchen is so huge and of all the places! It kissed my foot. What on earth is that rat trying to do?

Hungry now, dare not even go downstairs to cook maggi.

Milo ----> A kiss on the foot
Maggi ----> A bit on the _____? (use your imagination!)

Guess I shall sleep with empty stomach then T_______T
Pray hard that there's gonna be good food served in the cafe for my long awaited meal =(

Good night everyone =p