Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Things aren't going on so well lately...

But i will always stand strong, i won't be easily defeated!!!

Thx lots for your support, true friends...i love u all!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


The long-awaited convofair is here again!!! We were all so excited waiting for it to come so that we can shop shop shop and eat stuff that we normally can't get in UTP.

But what a disappointment...

First of all, it RAINED again...every year, the 1st day of convofair sure rain de...until everywhere muddy and watery and WET!!! People splashing water while walking and you can see mushrooms everywhere (little umbrellas).'s hard to walk and shop when you have to watch where you are stepping. Spoilt my mood..huhu

Then, the stalls are more than last year's but the things that they are selling there is not as attractive compared to last year's convofair. What is happening??? haha...'s too muddy until the strip of my sandal came off. I guess that it soaked too long in the muddy water and......aih, no sandal to wear anymore!!! Gonna go anywhere berkaki ayam dy...

That's it???
It's like not what i expected in convofair...huhu...but...the marshmallows are sweet and^^!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ipoh Trip

On 17th august 2007 (friday), the four of us, renae, hwee huat, herman and I went to Ipoh for movies and shopping. Well, basically, the whole process, starting from the beginning till the end are all described by Renae in her blog under i'm lazy to rewrite the same thing all over again, therefore you can go HERE to read it =P (hehe, renae love, tumpang ur blog...dun angry yah ^^!)

We dined in a Japanese buffet restaurant named IRO IRO and here are some of the photos taken during our dinner...

Yum yum....this is just our first

From left, Hwee Huat a.k.a *H²* --> Herman --> Renae dear --> me

Don't wet your table with saliva yea^^ *jealous le >.<*

Next.. i want to comment a bit about Renae's post
when i'm reading her blog, i was like laughing like a mad person non-stop (rolled on the floor-hyperbola) lol...

First of all, for the
"Called my first partner-in-crime, Amy Jie. She agreed to go, unless
Hwee Huat
GOES! *something fishy eyh?* lol. Called Hwee Huat, he
agreed. Right.

Okay, this is nothing fishy's absolutely CLEAR that I wouldn't go out if there are less then 4 people in a car because each of us have to pay more as we are renting the car from a senior. It's not worth it if there are only three people traveling in a car to

Haha, all in all, we REALLY enjoyed ourself a lot that day...chemi rockzz!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My mp3 - 13/8/2007

Woohoo....finally i bought my own mp3....
It has been a week...
So far so good...
Wana take a look???
Here u go...

It's Samsung YP-U2, 1 GB, white in colour...with radio and recorder as well...muahaha...i'm falling in love with it!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Heart *broken* :(

Date : Wednesday, 15 August, 2007 5:23 AM

Subject : CarForSale

Message : CarForSale NISSAN SUNNY 130Y for

Rm2200neg. Well taken care of. If

interested PM me or leave a message

and H/P no. at

The car is in KL(Setapak) now.

The above message is posted in friendster's bulletin board by my brother. This Nissan Sunny had accompanied me since i was born. For 19 years!!! Well, i can't deny that i had great feelings for that car. We used to travel around Malaysia with that car, to every holiday destinations that are reachable. After form 5, I used to drive this car to go to work everyday. Drove all my friends for yum cha sessions before, this is also my first car that i used to practice my driving skills after i passed my driving test. Although driving the car is not that easy as Nissan Sunny is very hard to drive. (the steering is quite tight as we don’t have power steering) Well, it's so much of sweet memories...Then, when my brother started working as a freelance streamyx provider, my dad let him have it for it will be more convenient for him to travel from places to places. Therefore, the car is in his hands, traveling EVERYDAY until it started to lag.

The moment I open the message, I immediately PHONE my brother and asked him about the whole thing, why so sudden want to sell the car…

And the reason he gave me was that dad is going to buy another car for him...what the....swt...i'm not jealous of him having a new car, but i felt pity that we actually have to get rid of my beloved car although it is an old junk now...Then he said that for RM 700, we can fix up the car nicely but it's not worth it anymore...

*heart broken*

Please don't do this to me....T.T

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My lab partners

Well, for Physical and Organic Chemistry, we have lab and it is once a week. For last tuesday, it's Physical Chemistry, my lab partner, Kamilah, phoned me one day earlier and we each introduce ourselves and plan to meet up in front of the lab before going in. Okay, i'm indeed very lucky to get her...haha, as i'm not a very patient person and she will be always like " sabar amy, sabar... " haha... and sometimes i'm a bit blur, stopped halfway, not knowing what to do next and have to refer to the lab manual again. But luckily, she is quite a objectively clear person. There was once where we accidentedly used hydrochloric acid instead of sodium hydroxide and have to redo again...haha..luckily she is very patient and very friendly too =P

For this week, it's Organic Chemistry...well, i thought that we will still stick to our own Physical Chemistry's lab partner. Who knows, they arrange our names according to the alphabetical order. Therefore, i have to bid goodbye to Kamilah and partner with someone named Amirul something something...(opps, sorry..haha) Hmmp, the first time i saw the name, i thought that Amirul is a girl...(don't laugh) i keep asking those malay girls "who is Amirul, who is Amirul" because Amirul was late and i wanted to know who is that. Then one of them said..."Tak tau lah, Amirul tu laki" ...

I was like so swt =.=" ....."huh?? laki ke? i ingat perempuan" and they started laughing...=.=" malunye...and then a guy beside my table said that they used to call him "rentap" until Amirul himself almost forgotten his own name...hmmp, okay.....

Then he arrived, hmmp, first impression not bad...neat and smart looking...then we start our experiment...fuh...lagi hebat...very initiative, objectively clear, appropriate in using the apparatus, definitely knows A LOT...but too bad he is not as friendly as Kamilah...quite serious and doesn't talk a lot, therefore, it's like there's a lack of communication between us. However, i believe that we will be able to overcome this problem as we go on with other experiments^^

We were suppose to hand in our last week's Physical Chemistry's lab report in today. However, due to some error or some problem that occured last minute which involves our value and calculation (where it is not the same as other group's), i can't concentrate on what i'm doing. As the experiment that we are doing now takes time, Kamilah and I quickly went to the next laboratory to ask the demonstrator to make things clear. Luckily, our lab report is perfect, nothing to be worried about.

Well, thanks lots to Kamilah which always stay calm when things get wrong and Amirul who continues the experiment alone (but for a while only lah, haha, dare not skip too many procedures)

Oooh....Thank God, i'm so damn lucky ^^

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ipoh Summer Concert *_*

Hohoho... Ipoh Summer concert...many people are dying to get the ticket to enjoy the concert LIVE in Ipoh. But too bad, we are the few who didn't manage to grab hold of one so we have to stay in UTP like a good kid ^^.

At around 9 pm, my roomate suddenly sms me saying that we can have a look at the concert at Therefore, i try to access to the website but as i am using the LAN cable, it's very slow and keep on disconnecting. I have to refresh for a few times until i am fed up with it...then i heard that xiao min is watching the concert at the common room. After a thorough discussion with yuan wen, we can't came up with a conclusion whether to go to the common room or not because i still have a lot of work and studying to be done as 4 quizzes are coming up next week and 2 more assignments are up to date. But the problem is we don't always get to see this type of concert often., it up to God now... we spin a 20 cent coin to help us to decide whether to go or not. Twice means GO... okay then, i pack up some notes, hopefully that i can be multitasking, studying and watching at the same time...

When we reach v4's common room, xiao min, siu ying, christine, wen sher, sandy and hing hin are already there... Hohoho..luckily my favourite singers JJ and FIR haven't perform yet. While waiting and listening to other singers, we whole bunch of girls started chit chatting... whoa, and you should see how noisy we were...and wen sher and hing hin was like two statue beside us, so quiet...haha, really apologize here if we had really disturbed you all but it is out of our control...heehee...

Finally get to see JJ ...he sang two songs and then when he want to perform his special skills in *i dunno what it called* , advertisement came potong stim...that's why they say to see the concert live is different than watching it in tv...haih.....

Okay, the room is so dark and noisy..i took my notes there for nothing tonight must burn the midnight oil again...k, gambatte!!! continue *book worming* now...~

Saturday, August 11, 2007

What a SWEATY night =.="

Last night, yuan wen, evelyn and i went to Tronoh pasar malam with hui ling and yuan wen's roomate, (opps!! forgotten her name..sorry^^) Well, finally get to drink my long awaited "zhen zhu nai cha" , dim sums, tau fu fa, and lots and lots of fruits!!! heehee...

After dinner, i went to hang up my wet clothes while things happened.....

Mei Le came to me to for help because she had locked herself out of her own room because she left her key inside. Yoke Mun went back home in the afternoon so there are no other alternatives. This is the first time we girls face this kind of problem because we had never locked out ourselves in v2 before. We remembered that the guys told us before that they always use reload coupon to unlock the door. Therefore, out of curiousity, we did a very silly thing by going to v4 to buy a reload coupon. (luckily, coincidently i need to reload on that day too)

Then, we tried using the card to unlock but to no avail. (the card is too soft) neither did my 'P' liaison laminated card managed to open the door. Thus, i quickly sms my friend who is one of the RCSU member to ask for our v5's fellow's cellphone number.(should have done this earlier) ...

After we got the number and the address, we immediately call her....................but maybe due to the poor network coverage in our area, we didn't manage to get through...
Since the fellow is just staying opposite our block, which is block k, we went to the house and knock on the door. There's a little hope because we saw the light in the house is turned on. After knocking for a few times, there's no one answering us. Tired, evelyn suggested that we go to v5 cafe to look at the list of numbers of the officers whom we can ask for help.

Well, there are 5 of them... the first one is located in v5 block B, one in block E, one in block K, and the other two left is situated in front of the UTP bus station...

As we tried before the one in block K, we go to the one in block E first as it is nearer. Called HIM...and he said that the fellow in block K had went back home and he himself is in KL (dunno for what) and he asked us to contact the other guy in block B. Well, Mei Le phoned him too and guess what he said??

He is on leave for his wedding!!!!!

We were like =.=" =.=" =.="

What are they ALL doing??? all not in UTP when we needed them? Lastly, out of any option, we phone the other guy in front of the bus station and he asked mei le to wait until 8 am in the morning and go to v5 RC office to collect the spare key...hahaha...finally...out of the hassle of the night, we got NOTHING!!!

Okay fine.....they are really hopeless...
It's okay...just forget obout them...Mei Le will always be welcomed to sleep in our room together...haih, what a night~