Thursday, May 31, 2007

Exam, stress and homesickness...

It's such a long time since i last updated my blog...hehe, miss it so much...
Lately, i am having exams 4 days in a row non-stop...
really stress up to the maximum as all the subjects crammed up together and you don't know which to focus to first. Haha, especially for people like me who loves to procrastinate and do not study consistently, really really stress ahhh!!!

1st day - chemistry II and english II
2nd day - introduction to computer and information system
3rd day - physics II
4th day - engineering maths II and MERDEKA!!!

On the previous night before the 1st paper, i am extremely, super duper nervous as chemistry is always my favourite subject. But, after a quick review of what i had done for this semester, i really don't put much effort on Chemistry this semester comparing to the last semester's.
Well, first is maybe because of the different 'quality' of lecturer that Chemical Engineering student has...secondly is because i am too confident in chem la...aiyo..really regret oo...
That night, i really stressed up and my mind went blank...this is quite normal as it always happens one day before exam. Therefore, i did revision again and again, do more pass year questions...only to found out that i have only left TWO hours of sleep...what the......aih..
almost done, i turned off the lights and lie on my bed, thinking again..

*roll over* my bed...can't sleep le...
after 15 mins...

*blink blink* why are my eyes still wide open??
too stress huh? then i started to think about my home...for the first time ever since i arrived in UTP...first time..."homesick" to the extreme...hmm, well, not to say that i didn't go through it before, but not THAT extreme..
i started to think about my own bedroom, my bed, my tv, my parents, my friends..huhu...then, unexpectedly, i started to cry, the more i think about it, the harder i cry...this is so not like me...homesickness...
aih...i cried myself to sleep that night, not knowing exactly how long is it...

The next morning, with only an hour's sleep, i went for the chemistry exam. LUCKILY, it is not as hard as i have thought. Hmm, well, a good subject to start with, i can say. Then, immediately after the exam, i was like drop dead on my table...dizziness...not enough sleep ahhh
Went back to have a nice short nap before the english exam which is 2 and a half hours later...set the alarm clock so that i sleep only one hour and then get up and prepare for the next exam. BUT, aih, how can you expect a person who only sleeps ONE miserable hour the previous night to wake up after an hour's nap le? i was like fainted and not knowing my alarm clock actually RANG!!!

Of course, after you saw this, you will say, omigosh!!! late for exam lo....
haha, luckily, yoke mun always sit behind me for every exam and we will walk together to the exam hall...then, she started to call me...

When i finally heard my ringing tone, i immediately awaken from my sleep...*thinking*
omigosh!!! this is not a good sign...then i pick up the call, said uh-um-ummm...n disconnect it...
then, take a look at the time...

WHAT THE......!!!!!!

It's 15 mins before exam!! and i have to take a long walk to the exam venue, which is from village 2 to the chanselor hall....huhu...i almost wanted to shout out loud the energy for the walk lah...then, i quickly get changed and run to yoke mun's room. Really a great SORRY for the delay and another great THANK YOU for waking me up...otherwise, i kantoi in this paper arrr...but we managed to reach there on time and 15 mins earlier summo...(because the clock in chansellor hall is slower...swt...) sounds irresponsible huh? but, i really regret later for not having a proper planning and time management..aih..but, the next few days are quite organized and i managed to plan my time accordingly and the homesickness eventually faded off, not all, but partially la....haiz, what do you expect from a person who stayed away from home for two whole months liao??

Haha, basically, that is what happened during my finals. Really not well-prepared this time. Hope history will never repeated itself. And i had made an oath to change this bad studying habit of mine...haha...hope it really works...hehe

that's all for^^

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Final exam

To all UTPians and others who are having exams now...

ALL THE BEST and take care.....

You can do it!!!
Gambatte ^^ bb

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Instant noodles

These few days, especially when the finals are just around the corner, i have a newly-found best friend, which is INSTANT NOODLES!!! muahaha...

I was kinda lazy to go out for lunch in these hot and humid weather. Therefore, i cooked. Hmm, actually not to say REALLY cooked. Everyone in this world knows how to cook a packet of instant noodles, for God's sake. Haha, for people like us who are living in hostels, we do not have a kitchen equipped with gas stoves and cooking utensils. Therefore, what we need to do is just to boil a kettle of water using an electric kettle and pour it into a metal or any bowl that can stand the heat to cook the noodles. Well, of course, before that, you must put the noodles and all the condiments which are provided into the bowl.

The problem is........
WHY are there soooooooo many packets of condiments to add to the noodles nowadays? Well, my brother and I somehow got addicted to the instant noodle named RUSKI which is quite spicy, and we introduce it to our parents whom love spicy stuff too. Then, my whole family got addicted to it already. The last time my parents came to visit me, they brought along 12 packets of RUSKI and 5 packets of mee SEDAP for me to store it until my finals. Okay, here i am eating RUSKI with 3 packets of condiments and mee SEDAP with 5 packets of condiments!!

These packets consists of many different colours. There are red, brown, yellow, and any name it. Then, they are separated into powders, oil and some kind of thick liquid too. The powder in red which i mentioned just now refers to dried chili, powder in brown refers to some kind of common flavouring in instant noodles while the powder in YELLOW, aih, God knows what powder is that...(maybe drugs to get you addicted to it =P)

My point here is, instant noodles that are quite popular a few years back, such as cintan and maggi mee did not provide sooooo many packets of condiments that makes life difficult for us. Sometimes, especially when i wanted to eat mee SEDAP, it tends to get cold before i even start to eat. This happens because mee SEDAP is the kind of mee goreng which is suppose to be dry. After i poured away the hot water, i still have to pour 3 types of liquids or oil and 2 types of powder and it has to be mixed thoroughly. By the time i finished mixing it, it became cold mee liao...huhu...

For once in my last semester, when i was opening one packet of powder for my RUSKI, i accidentedly flinged the packet too hard until it flew open and spead most of the powder onto my BED SHEET!!! I was too shocked at that time..speechless..fed up, i got my whole bed sheet hand-washed and i still have to continue eating my mee with the powder left and my sarcastic room mate and friends laughed at me...huhu... Pity me...

But the weird thing is, I still love to eat it..wakaka...
Although the more condiments, the tastier the mee will be, but it is still not good for our health, we will never know what are the contents of it and it may cause cancer too. So, friends, don't eat too much k??


Friday, May 11, 2007


Philip zhai ar...This is my first time kena tagged and you give me such a long one. Haha...

[Seven Things I'm Experiencing Now]

1. Cold...because in IRC.
2. Hungry...haven take my dinner yet.
3. Sleepy...never had a good night sleep in UTP.
4. Worried...still got a lot of chapters to cover before finals.
5. Sad...miss my Klang's friends sooooo much.
6. Irritated...People keep misunderstanding and backstab me.
7. Frustrated...i can't control the way things are happening around me.

[Seven Things I'm Thinking About Now]

1. When to go back after my finals?
2. Who i wana tag after this...wakaka
3. Why am i so afraid of cold?
4. Should i just go back to my room? Now waiting for something in IRC.
5. My lab test sux...dunno what am i writing also
6. Fruits....never enough
7. laundry

[Seven Things I'm Worrying About]

1. My finals.
2. My mum's health

[Seven Things I'm Happy about]

1. My computer.
2. My bicycle.
3. My room.
4. Finally managed to finish 1 game up to the highest level...haha..ok, i'm bad in games...but this one is really very addictive and fun.
5. My height? heheh...
6. I have a loving and happy family
7. No more labs and tutorials..hooray!!

[Seven People I Treasure]

1. My father, mother and brother.
2. Jay Chou.
3. Hui Shi, Siew Teng, Siew Feng, Ang, Teng Siew, Ai Vee, Pui Lan, Swee Lian, Mei Ling...
4. All my secondary school friends
5. Ling Ying and all my primary school friends
6. Renae, my 'ji mui' s and all my UTP friends.
7. Someone special.

[Seven Things I Always Touch Or Come In Contact With]

1. My computer
2. My bed
3. My handphone
4. My books
5. My spectacle...can't see without them..huhu
6. Money...never enough...huhu
7. Food and water

[Seven Things I Want To Improve]

1. My studies, of course.
2. My social, communication or interpersonal skills.
3. My computer skills
4. My fear of public speaking
5. Stop being a follower and have my own stand
6. My self-confidence
7. My general knowledge

[Seven Things I'm Strong]

1. I would not repeat the same mistake twice.
2. Walkathon...i walk very fast..wakaka

I don't want to 'masuk bakul angkat sendiri' la..haha..

[Seven Things I'm Weak In]

1. Letting people step over my head easily
2. Too soft-hearted
3. Don't know how to say no to people
4. I tend to run away from my problems
5. Dare not speak up and be straight forward
6. Keep to myself
7. Hard to have faith and trust in someone to share my secrets n etc

[Seven Things I Adore Eating]

hmm...i only know what I don't adore eating...
I don't adore eating

1. Onions
2. Garlic
3. Ginger
4. Chili

[Seven Things I Adore Drinking]

same...i only know what i don't adore drinking..wakaka
(something bitter...that's all)

[Seven Things I Detest]

1. People who loves to criticize others badly
2. People who are kia su
3. Selfish people
4. People who are not sincere to be your friend, who pretend to be close to you for a reason
5. People who play with other's feelings
6. Loneliness
7. Thieves

[Seven Things I Cannot Live Without]

1. My computer
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Music
5. My jacket
6. Food
7. Drinks

[Seven Things I Fear To Show]

1. My failure
2. My weaknesses
3. My hair...when it is not tied up..wakaka

[Seven Things I Would Never Want To Talk About]

1. My personal stuff
2. My crush...unless with someone close, someone whom i can trust

[Seven Things I Would Want To Do]

1. Playing piano..but that's kinda impossible..huhu
2. Something adventurous
3. Avoid happily ever after..haha
4. Take my parents for a holiday oversea
5. To have a car in campus
6. To straighten my hair =P
7. Having understanding friends

[Seven Things I Would Never Play Around When/With]

1. Fire
2. My studies + my future
3. Love
4. Electricity
5. Machinery stuff
6. Something that can hurt or cause other's life
7. My lecturers

[Seven Things I Wonder About]

1. The feelings when you are jumping down from a tall building?
2. Does afterlife exists?
3. Where will we be heading to after we died?
4. Why is everyone wearing a mask everyday?
5. Why god create people that have the possibility of getting cancer? Why can't everyone live healthily in this world?
6. How does it feel to breath underwater?
7. Why some people can be so rude and don't care about other's feelings?

[Seven Questions I Hope My Friends Will Respond To]

1. What do you think of me as a friend?
2. Have I been a good friend to you?
3. What are my weaknesses?
4. Who would you pick to replace me?
5. Am i a shy person?
6. Am i a quiet person or a person with few words?
7. Do i ever did something which offended you?

Please be honest in your answers. Your opinions are greatly appreciated^^

[Seven Things Or People I Would Love To See]

1. All my friends living happily and harmoniously
2. My family members-living happily and healthily
3. Loving couples stay loving until the end of their life
4. Me achieving my dreams
5. Jay Chou live in concert
6. A movie that makes me laugh from head till toe, from starting till the end
7. My brother's happiness

[Seven People I Want To Tag]

hmm...i let u guys go la..haha..replying this tag is not easy...lots of brainstorming and my precious time...huhu..but at least i can understand myself better now..

Haha...THX to Philip..=P

I would like to extend my sincerest apology if any of my writings did offend anyone of's not on purpose if it did...
that's all for^^

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another bed DOWN in UTP

This is a tribute specially for my former bed...

The story began on a warm and quiet night in my hostel. We just finished our Chemistry test (don't want to talk about it..huhu) and everyone went out to mamak, cafeterias and everywhere to enjoy and relax after a few sleepless and restless nights. However, some are too tired after the test and they were sleeping soundly in their own bedrooms. As for Evelyn (my roomate), Yuan Wen and Yoke Mun and I, we were super duper hyperactive after the test, not sleepy at all because we were too excited that the test is over (just for now..finals cumin..huhu). Therefore, someone started to suggest that we spend our night celebrating by watching SAW II. For your information, in case you don't know what type of movie SAW is, SAW, is a horror movie, about punishments and cutting off your own legs and hands just to save your own life, betrayal and etc, you can imagine, you can expect to see bloods dripping everywhere and those dead rotten bodies, hands and legs hanging around. (scary eh? haha)

Well, back to the story...Yoke Mun *betrayed* us and she went back to her room to do some important stuff, so left the three of us to watch it. Although all three of us are very afraid of these kind of things, but we still try to be brave, to challenge ourselves to watch it. Therefore, all three of us crammed onto my bed and the lights are turned off to add some effects to the movie and each and every one of us grab hold of a big booster or something soft to squeeze it or to cover our eyes when we are afraid.

Haha...then the movie began...Yuan Wen is incharged of controlling the volume as she is the nearest to my computer. Actually, Evelyn and I are too scared to do so because we experienced before the scariness when we watched SAW I last time. She even close her ears before the movie starts and Yuan Wen is the one scolding us, asking us what is the purpose of us watching it if we close our eyes and ears during the whole movie?? Haha, can't help it, i didn't close my ears but i almost watch with one eye throughout the whole movie cause it is tooooo horrible. We screamed at the part where people covered with blood suddenly pop up. Suddenly, my room door began to open by itself, slowly and quietly while we are watching the movie...then my room mate started screaming and i was frightened and start screaming too...and you know what?? It's just only Renae who came into my room just to return me my long pants. She thought that we might be sleeping because there was no light in our room. haha...potong steam betul...=P

Okay, back to the story...Normally, when we are afraid of something, we tend to lean against the wall or something behind us to look for protection rite? Then, Evelyn and I may lean a little bit too hard against the wall that my bed started to move away from the wall. We didn't pay much attention to it then as we were busy watching the movie. My bed is a very unstable one ever since the first day that I moved into this room. It always have the ' eek eek' sound whenever i move regardless of how big my movement is. Therefore, we just thought that it is normal and just ignore it. But when the movie ends and when we switched on the lights, OMG!! we can see how rough we are...hehe...the middle part of my bed where the supporter is, came off and it slants unstably...and my bed became even shakier than before. Then, the three of us ran to Yoke Mun's room to ask for help as we don't know how to fix it. Although it is not as serious as Siu Ying's old bed which has a V shape, they suggested that I better change the whole thing because I still have to sleep for three weeks plus.

Therefore, the six of us, Evelyn, Yuan Wen, Yoke Mun, Mei Le, Vern and I started to shift my bed out and another bed from Yuan Wen's room in as she doesn't have a room mate. We exchanged the bed and i got a new one now. Haha, special thanks to you all who have helped me shifted it. And goodbye to my old one which had accompany me since the first day I am in UTP. That's^^

Monday, May 07, 2007

Never felt like this before

I have never hated a person as much as i hate one today...

I am not going to relate back the whole story here as this may only cause more misunderstanding or anger. So, sorry guys if you want to know the whole story. I just want to let go of my feelings here to reduce my pain. I just don't know why some people can be so blunt and rude, do not even know how to respect others.

I do not know how to describe my feelings. I hate to make enemies rather than friends but there is always a limitation to one's patience. That person has really crossed the line and i can't stand it anymore.

I hate myself for having that feeling of hatred in me but i really lose control of myself this time. (this rarely happens) Then, there is another case where at the beginning of this year, for God knows what reason, a girl suddenly started a cold war towards me. We did not have any conflicts and we never state out our discomfort but just out of a sudden, she started to have that kind of look towards me and stop talking to me. Well, i guess that this was the job of a 'batu api' between us. I dare not ask her what actually happened and just kept quiet until now. Sometimes, i tried to start a conversation with her but in the end, i just decided not to because sometimes when you don't speak to a person for a very long time, you will never knew what is the right thing to say anymore. However, a few days ago, we kind of involved in something together and she started to speak to me, but in certain occasion where it is urgent only. Otherwise, we will just keep to ourselves and be like strangers. We can't turn back the time and be as close as we used to be last time.

Therefore, my point here is that, the feelings of hating someone and being hated is not fun at all. It only brings pain and bad memories. Thus, back to the person that i am talking about today... i am trying hard to forget what that person had done to me. I just want to get over it as soon as possible. Back from the library this evening, i didn't take the shortcut to my hostel. Instead, i took a long walk and think hard about what had happened, why did it happenened, so on and so forth. Then, i tried blurted out everything in my blog to transfer my anger to my writings. But, UTP very potong steam arrhhh...suddenly no electricity in the whole campus, and all my writings are gone. (didn't manage to save it) Haha, by then, my anger had dropped down to half already and when the electricity finally came back, i found out that i actually not that angry anymore. Finally, after finish my all writings here, i hope that i will have a peaceful night and forgot about what had happened. Thanks guys who are concerned about me and sorry if my skype message really frightened you...haha, didn't mean to. I just can't control myself that time, but i am better now, much much better. =P

That's all for^^

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spiderman 4???

Just want to share a bit of SOMETHING here...

Recently, my father emailed me a bunch of interesting photos which reminds me of spiderman. But, this is no ordinary SPIDERMAN. US has their own spidy and we have one in Malaysia too. Well, he has no name yet, but when i relate it to khlok, he asked me whether is he a cicakman? LOL...never think of that. Anyway, i never watch that movie before and i am not interested to do so as Malaysian movies are a no no to me. heh.

Okie, well, here are some pictures about the man i am talking about...

Oh well, for your information, the building that he is climbing used to be the world's tallest building...the great Petronas Twin Tower. He does not need any special suit or spider web, he looks just like an ordinary guy. Hmm, well, how did he manage to do that? Let's have a closer look...

You may think that this is probably a camera trick or he climbed until 2nd floor of the building only, but think again...

Haha, believe now? Can you guess how high is he now? This guy is so great, or so not afraid of death until he chat on his phone in the middle of his tasks...LOL

Alas!! Did he manage to climb to the top of the building? Well...hmm...i doubt that...

Well, too bad that he got caught even before he created a record for himself. Hmm, anyone interested to follow his foot steps? All the best!! Just inform me, i will go there to support you..wahaha..that's all for now. bb^^

Welcome To My World ^^!!

Back to a few days ago, i started to read through Christon's blog, hmm, an interesting one and the lamest in the world, i would say. Therefore, i started to get addicted to reading blogs nowadays. Well, this is a very good way to know more about a person and any interesting updates. Then, i began to link to vern's, philip's, ang khian's and so on. These blogs are so interesting until i almost neglect my ICIS text book where i am going to have a test on the next day.

Haha...after giving long thoughts, i finally decided to start blogging. I used to have one in friendster but didn't put much effort to update it because i never knew blogging is such fun. It is a very good way to voice out your thoughts and release your stress, sometimes you can even forgive someone who has done bad things to you after you explode it all out here. Haha, well, a good head start i think, hope that i won't give up halfway. Thanks for your attention and i will try my best to keep this blog active. bb ^^