Friday, July 24, 2009

KK ---> Kg. Bavanggazo long house ---> Tip of Borneo ---> KK (Day 2)

Shop for our Mount Kinabalu climb's head lamp and gloves at Sabah's Centerpoint...then da bao chicken rice because we need to rush to tip of borneo later on...

Still got some time to snap photo with Proboscis monkey =)


Okay! Stopped on the way to visit the Kg. Bavanggazo long house...i dare not walk too quickly or run in the long house..seems like it will collapse anytime...but it's just my feeling...the long house is super tough!

Imagine if you have to stay there will be super cooling! Good air ventilation.haha...

Suddenly got gong hanging from the weird is that??

Then the guys also squeeze in to take picture...

Ka chak! Broad smiles because someone said the chair is gonna collapse with our weight!

The handmade stuffs they are selling incredibly talented =)

Yo! reached the tip! Happy faces >.<

Emo post---

The very tip of borneo =)

It's super duper windy there...

Yeay! I'm eating the wind...yum yum...

Adonis!!! What's with the "lansi" look? haha...

This is not the end of our journey yet. The guys said "hey...there are some natural steps down here..we can get to the very tip of borneo!!!"

They were like shouting for us to go down...huhu...scary~~

Adonis is too thirsty...pity him!

It's like some super small and steep natural steps..

I wanna "chicken out" can ar?

Yoke Mun, let's roll ourselves down lor....huhu

Tada!! Finally we made it with the help from Chang Hua and Andrey!!

So proud of ourselves! haha...

At the very tip dy ^_^

Edgar is always busy with his camera...


Rules are meant to be broken!!

Greeting the moon! =)

Oh yeah...posing non stop under the moonlight...

It's getting dark and we need to rush back to KK. Bought some super beautiful seashells on the way back. It took us 8 hours to go to and fro tip of borneo. Thanks to our super heroic drivers, Edgar and Andrey...

Had McD around 11pm before going back to our hotel. Tired!

To be continued...stay tuned!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

KLIA ---> Sabah (Day 1)

A few days before Year 2 Sem 2 commence, I got a sudden sms from Chang Hua asking whether I'm interested in the trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, that he is planning at that time.

Well, the plan is interesting and this is a very good opportunity to go for holidays with friends as it is the last holiday that we can really enjoy. So, why not?

Financial planning is important. Had been saving up part of my allowance throughout the semester for the trip. As we are going to climb Mount Kinabalu, need to go for constant training also. But people like me tend to procrastinate a lot. Haha... planned to start training a month earlier but ended up training for 2 weeks only. Was kinda worried whether is it enough or not at that time. However, enjoy first! Don't think too much..lolx

Day 1, parents sent me to Klang ktm to board a train to KL Sentral, meet up with Chang Hua and Adonis there, had Subway (delicious!) then off to KLIA by bus. Yoke Mun will be meeting us in KLIA and off to Sabah!! ^_^

Departure gate

Down to the departure area

The guys =)

The girls =p

Kawaii ^_^

Still waiting...when only can fly?

My first time oh >.< Take off the mask! We gonna take ur pic!


Looking weird in mask~~ and if you noticed, I'm sitting directly beside the wing of the plane! nice view =)

Selamat datang ke Kota Kinabalu!!! Finally we reached after two and a half hours. Edgar and Andrey came to fetch us immediately after we landed =)

Went to Sugarbun area for a drink and then settle in Garden Hotel for the night.

To be continue........stay tuned! =p

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Was at grandma's place when my cousin's cute lil' daughter, En En running around happily. So i grab her to play with me..wakaka..

She asked me to take her photo, so the both of us start to SS already! Look at how cute she is!!! Omg..just feel like carrying her back to my house!! lolx... ^_^