Saturday, September 27, 2008

Raya Holz 2

Excitement starts today ^_^

Went "mountain climbing" 6 am in the morning with babi Goh and family...then had our favourite Bah Kut Teh together with my neighbour after exercising...

Back to room, have a nice rest then off to AEON Bukit Tinggi we go!!!

Mom took my photo album and let Yoke Mun have a peep in it!! so unfair...huhu...they laughed so loud till my bed is shaking T_T ~malu~

Raya Holz 1

Went to Teluk Batik with bf 2 am in the morning to look at the OBS (Outward Bound School) and have a nice walk at the beach, BUT...

After an hour drive there, it rained so heavily till we can't get out of the car...potong stim arghhh!!!


Started my journey home with Yoke Mun in CFC's car at 5pm in the evening...a fast but safe driver CFC is, i would say...had dinner with his family at a restaurant in Andalas...nice meal...then went straight home till my door step!!! wakaka...


10.30 pm: Had supper with Yoke Mun and family at Port Klang...they serve nice "ngor heong" and "leng chi kang" favourite..heh

time to sleep jor...zzz altho tak sampai hati cos sedang gtalk-ing...but i'm way too tired to stay up any i just called it a night and go meet my Mr. zhou...bye ^_^