Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shopping day =p

Tick tock..tick tock..the clock shows 12 noon sharp.

Received a text message from bf stating that he is coming Klang JJ today.
Oh? weird ler...of all the shopping malls in KL, why la he want to come to a small JJ like Klang's?

Oh well, we meet up, shop for his formal clothes for intern and had dinner =)

After a very LONG discussion, we finally cut down to 2 choices to dine in. 1st is Boston and second is Bar.B.Q. Plaza. My heart is facing Boston but there is no customer in Boston. On the other hand, Bar.B Q. Plaza is almost full until some of the customers have to queue up for places.

Oh man, tough decision. So i leave it to him...(this is what i always do..wakaka) Finally, he said: don't think so much, let's go to the place with more customers.

Okay, maybe they can attract more customers because their food is tasty? So in we go!

Ordered Supreme Pork set, fresh orange juice, honey lemon and started eating luu~~~

~Place to BBQ~

~Home made sauce, garlic, lime, chili and lard~

~Pork, chicken, bacon, prawn, sotong, vege and yada yada all mixed up~

So we happily BBQ everything and eat up!! what he don't eat such as vege, i eat...what i don't eat such as sotong he eat...and he said we shud order 1 vege set earlier..swt...

Overall, the taste is not bad la, love the springy prawns and thin slices of pork and the bacon smells so good!!! haha..but the fresh orange got a lot of seeds and no taste de..prefer honey lemon =)

Well, after a happy meal and when i ALMOST finish the rice, i SPOTTED something!

~omigosh!! can u see what is it??!!~
let's have a closer look

~Wah lao, what a long maggot ON my rice!!~

huhu, why am i always a victim of these scenes? aih..some say i'm too observant, some say i'm too picky...lolx...daddy says it gives me direct protein and i should eat it...T_T tension


So after i sent him off to take taxi, i went back JJ to shop while waiting for my brother and his gf.

Clothes of the day~~~
(at a very unexpected price =p)

~Jeans miniskirt~

~Simple black dress...gonna add a belt soon~

~Or a black scarf?~


(Below has a lot of ss pictures, if you have a weak heart, pls cross off this page. wakaka >.<)

Went home and copied a bunch of vista software installers from Yoke Chin and woohoo!!! my webcam is back on track ^_^ and this time, it has so many more extra features!!

~4 in 1? i'm so gonna have split personalities soon..lolx~ many around me~

~here comes the typical SWEAT style~

~ Don't care!! by hook or by crook i must catch you by tonight!!!~

~Blury vision.. Yours or mine?~ nvr close his mouth when he saw leng lui~
(and many more other features)

~everything is back on track..hopefully i won't go haywire again~

~i'm a happy girl again^_^~
time for a hair cut?

~fei fei with fei fei's daddy~
thx for everything~love ya...wakaka

p/s: Good luck interning to bf and all who are interning now ^_^


Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm addicted to SUSHI-GO-ROUND

Was just browsing through my lappie for some old games. Then click click click, it leads me to miniclip websites where it consists of flash games.

Out of so many games, i was kinda attracted to one named sushi-go-round.....

It is very much like Burger Shop where we need to serve customers according to their needs.

(click to enlarge)

The ingredients is allocated at bottom left of the screen where you need to click according to what type of sushi your customers ordered.

You have to know what to put in the sushi through the pink colour sushi recipe book.

Well, the ingredients are numbered. Which means it will be out of stock very soon. Therefore, you must click on the telephone and order to refill your stock.

And choose what ingredients to restock...however, if u accidentedly clicked on the wrong ingredients when you are making the sushi, it will form a lump and stay on the conveyor belt, circulating around until you pass that level..can't get rid of it T_T

And pass every level with flying colours!! Ho Ho Ho, not bad afterall, anyone who dares to take up the challenge may start playing NOW!! =p

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Holiday makes me sleep at 5 to 6 am and wake up around 12 to 1pm again.
Don't ask me what i'm doing. Because i will come up with stupid answers, trust me..huhu
What a life!!!
Gonna start exercise "SOON"!

omG... please give me the strength and persistent in conducting my big "project"...lolx...

p/s: btw, nuffnang's ad is like chipsmore.."now u see, now u don't"!! =p

Tuesday, May 26, 2009














┴┬┴┬┴  珍惜友誼 ┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬
┬┴┬┴ 在繽紛的塵宇中 ┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬
┴┬┴   你我相識   ┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴
┬┴ 不管是一次偶然的相逢 ┬┴┬┴┬┴
┴┬┴  或是成為永遠的知已 ┬┴┬┴┬
┬┴┬┴┬  我都一樣珍惜 ┬┴┬┴┬┴┬

     ╗ ║ ╦═══╗ ▅▅▅▅
╠══╬═╯╬╬║ ╭╯╭╯ ╰╮

╯  ║  ║║║ ╚╗║**.. **

═══╬══║║║  ║║**.. **

   ║  ╰╬║  ║║**.. **

  ╚╯  ╚╯╯ ╚╯╰═══*





Monday, May 25, 2009

Goodbye UTP for 2 months

Yo!! It's the long long semester break again...

Initial plan was to stay back till end of the month, go Bukit Merah lepak first only go home but daddy and mummy misses me so much, called at 12pm Saturday noon to inform that they will be fetching me at 5 to 6 pm on the same day!!!

OMG...everything was in a mess...the clothes soaked in the pail, haven wash yet...notes scattered around...table super messy T_T

It was another nightmare....

Every semester, i need at least 1 whole day to pack my stuff, but now, i only have less than 6 hours!!!

Washed the clothes in a jiffy, found some place with sunlight so that it can dry faster, washed the cooker, plates, everything...(watch Taiwanese series while packing ..hehe..slow progress)

Then plan what to bring home and what to leave in UTP for that 2 mths...packed everything into the bag and TADA!!!!

Left some clothes, past sem's notes, pails, pillows and those small small stuffs which is not valuable and LOCKED up.

Dad saw the notice on the door stated that: You must not leave behind all your stuffs during sem break.

Then he said: ALL? I left SOME behind only, not ALL. So you can't fine me....

(SWEAT!!) I was thinking, why are you not a lawyer? lolx....

Finally, finish packing, bathed (the weather is super hot!!) and depart!!! lolx...i'm a happy girl again =p

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Beloved Fei Fei

Introducing my newborn ~~~ Fei Fei =p
(Fei Fei: Nice to meet you...i'm only five days old ^_^ )

~ This is how i 1st met fei fei. It was a surprise =p ~

~ Yay! Finally i can have some fresh air!! ~

~ I'm a Superman ~

~ My headband ~

~ Eye mask ~

~ Woohoo! I'm a pirate ~

~ Bow tie ~

~ Bra ~

~ Belt ~

~ Bag!! ~

Lolx...enjoying the good connection in irc while everyone is out dinnering =)

Wanna continue to pia liaw...Gambatte everyone!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Heart Attack part II

For those who don't know who or what is my baby, well, it's my beloved laptop T_T

It keep on repeating and back to this page the whole night =(

Not even one year old wey, damn sakit hati. I'm that rough ka??

Immediately go to Yik Foong 1st thing in the morning, but changed my mind last minute, rather go to HP service centre as my laptop is still under warranty for 2 more years. Don't know what is wrong...

How unlucky!!! The service centre is closed on Saturdays. Therefore we went to a computer shop just beside the service centre to examine my lappy.

Within minutes, they told me my windows is corrupted. Really tension. T_T As my lappy is freedos de, it's not under warranty, so must fix it with own pocket money. huhu

So, they promised to backup my documents for me before reinstalling the new windows. But luckily, the night before, hin already backup most of my files for me, so, other than those movies, which i can download again from DC plus plus, the rest are saved!!! yippie ^_^

What the...why they described my laptop as DIRTY?? huhu...already cukup sad ler...=( lolx

Anyway, now only i know that i really can't live without my baby. Must really appreciate it dy...gonna get back my baby this monday. hopefully everything went well...

Special thanks to:
1) Xiang Qing
2) Xiao Min
3) Hin's housemate
4) And everyone who are concerned about baby

And most importantly, Hin, who's always beside me when i needed him the most...i don't know what to do without you... Thanks so much...*love u* =*

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Heart Attack!!!

Had a mild HEART ATTACK friday night. Why?

Was happily back from dinner in Ipoh, just to realised that my baby is unconscious!!! No matter how i try to wake baby but to no avail. huhu...

Baby keep on giving me the same kind of "face" and would not response at all. DIE!!!

I began to panic and called all the "doctors" around and ask about baby's condition, i'm worried sick, took baby to one of the "doctors" and checked. But baby can't be cured in this small lil' clinic, must go to the hospital already and undergo serious surgery. But the "doctors" helped me to prepare all the stuffs and backing up before taking baby to the hospital.

That night itself, i walked around the blocks in village 5, praying hard that the "doctors" manage to cure baby, can't eat or sleep well either =(

Next day, baby is sent to ICU straightaway, need to be fixed from head to toe T_T hospital fee also very anyone with a kind heart out there, who has extra pocket money, please donate to lessen my burden. Thank you TT__TT