Thursday, June 28, 2007

What should i do?

I'm having a dilemma now.
The problem is...when should i go back to UTP??
Actually, lecture starts on the 23rd of July but an event is coming up and i have to go back 1 week earlier to attend meetings. Therefore, i have to be back by 16th instead of 21st of July. At first, it's not a big problem to me but after a thorough consideration, there are pros n cons too...sounds like writing an essay eh? haha...well, i'm not...

1.) Able to attend the meetings
2.) Settle down in new apartment earlier
3.) Got to fool around with some friends in UTP first before starting the war again

1.) My room mate and house mates are not back yet, which means i'm alone and it's dangerous
2.) Not sure where to stay, the notice isn't up yet
3.) Not much food to eat, the cafes are closed
4.) Don't want to go back so early, currently enjoying in my comfort zone^^

It's tough huh? I'm not sure what to do...*sob sob*

Friday, June 22, 2007

chocolates~yum yum

Yum...yum...i'm sure lots of girls will be thrilled to see chocolates, chocolates and CHOCOLATES!!!
" Girls love sweet stuff "
that's my assumption all the while throughout my 19 years in this world. This can be seen when guys in my family (my father and brother) are not that obsessed about chocolate. All of the chocolates will be finished by me and my mum.Haha...

But, i posted the picture below a few days ago in skype and msn...

Wow, what a lot of my friends responded "yummy, i want also, give me" and that included guys too. Hmm, maybe most of you are not surprised but from what I experienced before, whenever guys came across chocolates, they will say " those sweet stuff are meant for girls only, they are fanatic over chocolates!!!" that so?

Many guys responded that they love chocolates too. Some even said that chocolate is a killer gift for girls. Haha, since guys love chocolate that much, maybe girls should consider to try something new, to give chocolates as any birthday, anniversary or whatever gift in the future instead of purse, necktie or watches. Haha...that's all for^^

Monday, June 18, 2007

A memorable night

This is the third time I went to a church…
All of my family members are free-thinkers, therefore, going to a church is not what we used to do. However, my mum was a babysitter of two cute little girls aged six and three years old a few years back (my god sisters.. hehe). We keep in touch always and they are Christians. Therefore, we are all invited to a church activity which is to celebrate Parents’ Day.

First of all, we are invited for a dinner once we reached there. There are twenty huge tables with numbers and small pieces of papers on the tables with a list of songs for us to dedicate any song to anyone you like. Then, we lined up for our food, which is like a buffet style and start eating. OMIGOSH…you should have tried it. It was damn delicious. We have fried rice, fried noodles, chicken, fried fish with sauce, HUGE prawns and mushrooms, fish balls, broccoli and many more.

Well, it’s time for the song dedication. My god sister and I each dedicated a song to our parents. She dedicated SHE’s 我 爱 你 (I love you) to her parents and I dedicated Jay’s 听 妈 妈 的 话 (direct translation: listen to mama) to mine. Hehe, the main reason I choose this song is not because of my interest in jay’s songs only. It’s because I burnt Jay’s latest cd for my mum a few months ago and whoa…you should look at how she loves all the songs in that cd. She will bring along the cd wherever she goes, play it in the car, at home, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE!!! Mainly got influenced by me, haha…where as my father, which hated it at the beginning, start to hum along with the song and criticize less about Jay already. He said that Jay’s rock songs keep him awake while he is driving long distance to fetch me because it is too noisy. Wakaka…*humz. Back to the church…the host said: “Maybe Amy wants to be an obedient girl and listen to her mama”. I was like….what??? huhu…so embarrassing…I always listen to what my mum says k…hahaha….I believe that this song will be a special and unforgettable one for my parents and I. (my first time dedicating a song..hehe)

Oh well, after the luxurious meal, we went into the hall to gather and there goes the performance of my god sisters. Both of them are on the stage singing while flapping their hands with a pair of white gloves each. Karina, the elder sister is with her group of children whom are in the same age while Elaine with those smaller ones. You should see how cute they are, singing while flapping their little hands. Some of the children even forgotten their steps and stare at others to catch up. Luckily, both Karina and Elaine did well and no mistakes done. I was so proud of them, they are like my own sisters as I don’t have any younger brother or sister of my own. They were babysitted by my mother since they were 4 months old. I used to feed, play and rock them to sleep everyday. I was almost in tears when I saw them in stage, giving their speech proudly…haha…

After that, there were many more sketches and speeches where all was about our parents, what they had sacrificed for their children and many more. They even give us tips for a harmony family where parents have to learn how to tolerate with their children by using the new method and we, as their children have to play our role and our responsibility too by not blaming your parents for everything that had gone wrong. Haha, really attended a very good lecture and learnt a lot from it. You can see how the Christians appreciate their parents and how they maintain a good relationship between parents and their children.

Anyway, while taking a look at the hall, I saw banners written:

Jehovah Tsidkenu ~ the Lord our righteousness
Jehovah Rohi ~ the Lord is my shepherd
Jehovah Jireh ~ the Lord provides
Jehovah M’kiddish ~ the Lord makes you holy

These are four out of seven of them…well, can anyone tell me what that means? Huhu…took a long time to figure that out but still don’t get it. Is it that there are many gods who have their own responsibility?

Well, I felt a bit guilty too because I had promised siew feng to look for a place and we are suppose to hang out together as today is a Saturday but too bad I have to go to the church. Sorry yea dear…haha…next time lo…but at least my night is not wasted. bb^^

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rat-catching >.<

First of all, I want to cry first…(T.T) because got scolded from Philip for not updating my blog. Huhu, it’s not that I don’t want to update it. It’s because too many things going on until I don’t know where to start first, so I decided to have a long break before coming back into action….wahaha.

Anyway, I will share my RAT-CATCHING experience here……

(First of all, don’t get the wrong idea, my mum is a very fussy person about cleanliness, so it’s not that our house is dirty or whatsoever. It’s just that we also don’t know where the rat came from..hehe)

Well, anyone who came to my house before will notice that I have a small store room under my staircase. It is four-and-a-half foot tall and two-and-a-half foot wide with a small door. Therefore, anyone who wishes to walk into the storeroom must slightly bend down your head first before entering. Hmm, you can also say that the storeroom may be the most important part of my house because
it’s the place where we store our dry food such as can food, milo packets, biscuits, gas drinks and many more on a rack as well as others such as umbrellas, spade, extra roof tiles, containers, tool boxers and others. (known as our small warehouse DIY store..wakaka)

But on one fine sunny day….

My mum went into the store room to get a new roll of tissue paper only to realize that something long and thin lying on the floor. Therefore, she switch on the store room light and saw that it’s a rat’s tail, hmm, around three inches. Therefore, she suspected that it’s quite a small one. Upon seeing the lights, it quickly look for another darker hideout, between the plastic bags which is darker because rats are afraid of lights. Thus, my mum quickly shut the door and shouted : ‘oh no!!! die-lah this time…not another rat AGAIN!!!’ She quickly check all our food supply and found out a small hole in our Milo packet and a few rat faeces.

For your information, a bigger one went into our storeroom before a few months ago when I’m in UTP. Therefore, only both of my parents manage to capture it after a long long process. Just as I said, our storeroom is the most important part and it REALLY contains lots of stuff. So, to catch THE RAT, means we have to shift out ALL of it. Slowly and systematically, my father is the one hiding in the storeroom with the lights on and shift out all the stuff while searching for the rat. He passed it on to us by opening the door in a small angle so that the rat has no chance of escaping. My mum is in charge of the door where she will open and close it while looking out for the rat while I am the one who arrange those stuff neatly in one corner of the hall so that it’s easier to put it back to its original place.

After half an hour of shifting and searching, our storeroom is almost empty but the rat is nowhere to be seen. My father started to doubt whether my mum really saw a rat or ‘something else’. Haha… He said that the previous rat is easier to catch because it is big in size and it makes a lot of noise while it is running but this little one is light and the possibility of banging into stuffs and making noise is lower. Luckily, at last, he saw the rat between the rack and the wall. Therefore, a strong hit with a wooden stick, the rat is finally defeated without much struggling. Hehe… then, it is wrapped in a plastic bag. My father came out of the storeroom with the rat, victory in hand. Wakaka, with no sense of guilt, he again smash the rat against the floor hardly just to take revenge of all the trouble we had to go through to look for it. Haha, after that, into the toilet bowl it goes…and got washed away!!! Yippie…

Turned to take a look at our hall, it looks like a pile of rubbish…aih…the scenery is just like the first day we shifted into this house. After that, we clean the storeroom a bit and shift back ALL the stuffs inside….

What a day…with a stupid rat…as my father said, nothing will manage to survive in his hands once he got hold of it…wakaka

That’s all for now…bb^^

Friday, June 08, 2007

30 of Jay's in SHE's "play"

Saved the whole album of SHE's new album, PLAY into my computer from my brother lately. Well, the whole album is not bad at all!!! Haha..or at least, you can say that it suits my style well..hehe...

Hmm, however, when i came across song #4, which titled 藉 口 (jie kou) i discovered something weird about it...listened again and again, searched for the lyrics through my TT Player...only to realise that...........


They are using 31 song titles of jay's to make into the lyrics of that song le...
Haha...for those who had discovered it centuries ago, paise if i sound like a sakai..hehe...but for those who didn't know yet, can you spot all the song titles of jay's in the lyric below? (if you are a jay's die-heart fan..hehe)

藉 口
jie kou

伊 斯 坦 堡 的 你 爱 情
zai yi si tan bao de ni ai qing zui

后 的 战 役
hou de zhan yi zhong

说 了 第 一 九 四 三 句 对 不 起 之
shuo le di yi jiu si san ju dui bu qi zhi


简 单 爱开 不 了 口
xiang jian dan ai que kai bu le kou

倒 数 后 开 始 与 安 静 斗 牛
dao shu hou kai shi yu an jing dou niu

龙 卷 风 一 扫 而 过
xiang long juan feng yi sao er guo

过 去 的 影 像 不 再 有
guo qu de ying xiang bu zai you

情 话 飘 散 成 千 里 之 外 一 曲
qing hua piao san cheng qian li zhi wai yi qu

东 风 破 听 妈 妈 的 话 别 让 我
dong feng po ting ma ma de hua bie rang wo

受 伤
shou shang

你 的 滥 藉 口 分 裂 了 你 我
ni de lan ji kou fen lie le ni wo

同 一 种 调 调 没 有 轨 迹 的 痛
tong yi zhong diao diao mei you gui ji de tong

好 瞎 的 藉 口 飘 移 了 你 我
hao xia de ji kou piao yi le ni wo

困 兽 之 斗 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在
kun shou zhi dou zai zai zai zai zai zai zai zai

乱 舞 春 秋
zhe luan wu chun qiu

每 当 孤 单 的 时 候 望 著 那 反 方
mei dang gu dan de shi hou wang zhe na fan fang

向 的 钟
xiang de zhong

寻 找 那 暗 号 让 我 回 到 过 去
xun zhao na an hao rang wo hui dao guo qu sheng


相 信 发 如 雪 你 也 爱 我
xiang xin fa ru xue ni ye ai wo

现 实 中 完 美 主 义 不 再 有
xian shi zhong wan mei zhu yi bu zai you

老 斑 鸠 提 醒 著 我
shi lao ban jiu ti xing zhu wo

欢 乐 时 光 双 刀 挥 过
huan le shi guang shuang dao hui guo

情 感 像 断 了 的 弦 好 一 个
qing gan xiang duan le de xian hao yi ge hei

色 幽 默听 妈 妈 的 话 别 让 我 受
se you mo ting ma ma de hua bie rang wo shou


Rap:外 婆 可 不 可 以 告 诉 我
wai po ke bu ke yi gao su wo

爱 情 悬 崖 有 没 有 我 期 待 的
zai ai qing xuan ya you mei you wo qi dai de

将 军 等 候
jiang jun deng hou

园 游 会夜 曲 美 妙 弹 奏
yuan you hui li ye qu mei miao tan zou

庆 祝 开 心 的 朋 友 我 强 颜 欢
qing zhu kai xin de peng you wo qiang yan huan

笑 的 度 过
xiao de du guo

外 婆 你 可 不 可 以 告 诉 我
wai po ni ke bu ke yi gao su wo

爱 情 悬 崖 有 没 有 我 期 待 的
zai ai qing xuan ya you mei you wo qi dai de

将 军 等 候
jiang jun deng hou

园 游 会 里 夜 曲 美 妙 弹 奏
yuan you hui li ye qu mei miao tan zou

别 慌 我 的 超 人 朋 友 你 的 秘 密
bie huang wo de chao ren peng you ni de mi mi

我 会 保 守
wo hui bao shou

Totally, there are 31 of are the answers....

1. 藉 口
2. 伊 斯 坦 堡
3. 最后 的 战 役
4. 一 九 四 三
5. 简 单 爱
6. 开 不 了 口
7. 安 静
8. 斗 牛
9. 龙 卷 风
10. 千 里 之 外
11. 东 风 破
12. 听 妈 妈 的 话
13. 同 一 种 调 调
14. 轨 迹
15. 飘 移
16. 困 兽 之 斗
17. 乱 舞 春 秋
18. 反 方向 的 钟
19. 暗 号
20. 回 到 过 去
21. 发 如 雪
22. 完 美 主 义
23. 老 斑 鸠
24. 双 刀
25. 断 了 的 弦
26. 黑色 幽 默
27. 外 婆
28. 爱 情 悬 崖
29. 将 军
30. 园 游 会
31. 夜 曲

Haha...however, it's a great song though...i began to listen to the same song whole day without feeling tired or bored...hehe..(here comes my old habit again..huhu)

SHE rockzzz!!! haha...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mc D + lembu ~Moooooo

Went to Andalas's Mc D with Pui Lan, Ai Vee and Mei Ling to have our dinner plus gathering's always very hard for me to choose what to eat because there are so many choices of sets of meals and other stuffs as well. However, i tried to make a change today by ordering big mac instead of Mc Chicken, which is what i normally ordered. Well, for most of you, i'm sure that you know what is the REAL ingredient of big mac. Haha, but i was like 'sua gu' (sakai), i just order without knowing that it is made of BEEF!!!

Actually. i did notice that that piece of meat did looks like beef, but didn't care much as i thought that maybe i can ask them to change it to chicken. Well, i just forgotten when i was ordering and just take it...

When we all settled down and started eating...i shouted "OMG!!'s beef leh..."
Hahaha...and out of a sudden, i noticed a poster written "big mac, delicious, mooooooo"
swt wei!!!

Haha...anyway, it's not that particular about beef actually, it's just that i had a bad experience eating beef before. Well, since i had bought it, might as well finish it. Hehe...after all, it's not as bad as i thought. Quite tasty..hehe...

Then, we keep on talking non-stop from 8 to 11 pm... imagine that!!! haha...there are surely a lot to catch up after such a long time didn't meet..."girls' talk" wakaka...really had an enjoyable night...thx lots^^ luv ya all..muaxx


Monday, June 04, 2007

Home sweet home^^

Yo!!! Finally i'm back home after 2 months in utp, jailed in a small hostel...
haha...really had fun in Ipoh watching Pirates of the Caribbean and fooling around with utp folks the previous night...they are a bunch of hyperactive dudes who never feel tired...wakaka

Reached klang at 1.3o in the afternoon, just in time to watch the making of 'Shrek 3' in addict huh? haha...after shifting all my stuffs into my room, guess watz the first thing i do? hmm...none other than setting up my computer!!! first priority. Then only have the mood to unpack while listening to songs...hehe

Mum asked me to take a rest or a nap after the long journey before unpacking my stuffs but i was too stubborn and too excited to finish unpacking and explore around a bit to look for new stuffs that exists in the house during my two-months absense..haha..therefore, i spent my whole afternoon running here and there like a crazy girl. hmm, however...i discovered a few of the more 'interesting' new stuff at home..hehe

1. Souvenirs from pui lan from cameron highlands,~ love it...thx lots^^

2. Surprising 'gifts' from my brother which i don't quite know the purpose of it..not my birthday either...hehe..probably it's because he missed me too much?? wakaka..perasan *humz* but it's gonna be very x3 useful in the future...thx...luv ya...muaxx^^

3. A bunch of chocolate sticks from my aunt in the fridge...thx^^

4. Lots and lots of chocolates and cakes from Japan from Pui Lan's mum..haha...i was actually very shocked to see's all my favourite and a whole box of it!!! OMG...haha...going to grow fat liao..hehe...thx^^ happie happie

5. A set of HI-FI system in my study room?? huh? hehe...sounds weird eh? but too bad i'm not using that room anymore..i'll stick to my computer in my own room..haha..pity..

And other small stuffs.'s worth exploring..hmm..while getting heart attacks at times..hehe..


at night, i felt very tired and sleepy because i only had a three-hour sleep the previous night cause of busy packing my stuff in hostel...and plus i didn't had a nap in the afternoon...and then...i didn't enjoy my first dinner at home, i was like a zombie, eating while sleeping (eyes closed), don't even know what i am eating..hehe...sorry mum...i won't repeat it again..wakaka..while i was drinking the delicious vege soup, i accidentedly spilt a bit on my dad laughed at me and it was so embarrasing..hehe...shhh

Then, after dinner, i went to have a nap..can't stand it another word, it's mum came to wake me up an hour later, and she said :

mum : wake up lo...sleeping at this hour..haha..ur time is messed up la...wake up wake up!!
me :'s worse during my study week..not enough sleep lo...*yawn*

dad came into my room...

dad : aih, not enough sleep then sleep longer lo...later only wake up la...
me : hehe..sleep sleep....zZzZzZz....

don't care oo..sleep first sleep's nice to have the feeling of being pampered again..haha...i feel so happy at home...home sweet home!!!

that's all for^^