Sunday, April 26, 2009


Finally!! i went to the beach (Telok Batik) ...

BUT it is truly a very bad timing for us to go there because it's JOM HEBOH day too...omg, the road is jammed till we are stuck there like for a few hours..T_T

Aih, by the time we reach there, it is almost dark and no more ICE CREAM stall!!! my dreams hancur liaw T_T

but bought a hello kitty bubble blower...hehe...

and keep on blowing lots of bubbles out from the car when we are still stuck in the jam on our way back...bad day....

OMG..i'm just like a small kid again ^_^


Had a busy week went in and out of IRC's discussion room to study with coursemates..tough subjects, but in the meantime, we are having fun too =)

Artistic Herman with his piece of art...

Mum Mum...wanna eat la..but no biscuit liaw..hehe

Nice hairband curi from Milk...

and she eat wherever she go, even maggi in lecture hall
*shake head*

*love this pic*

Four people sit in the car in Batu Gajah thinking where to go for an hour...swt betul

Those were the days =p

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Prob stat and PI test is over...same day

Seriously, i dunno what crap im writing in my PI paper. It SUCKS!!! not related to PI at all, they want only EXPRESSIONS??

what kind of weird test is that?? Even our "God" also say we can burn all the lecture notes dy =(

How to study for finals la...aduhai...

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Still learning how to use photoshop ahh!!!! huhu...

Just realized that my Sun-maid raisins are contaminated with ANTS!!! and there are super lot of them.. should i just close my eyes and eat?

Getting bored with Prob stat and PI... T_T

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dinner for two

Have you ever wonder how was it like to have dinner home-cooked together with someone special?

It is indescribable...

Went to Tesco Friday night to buy all the ingredients for our so-called "big" dinner on Saturday. Just realised that we need to deep-fry all of them. So unhealthy =(

Drink of the day ---------> Cincau ais..

Sugar dissolved in boiling water.

Main ingredient =)

Planned to cook in v3 kitchen but the International students are having their annual meeting cum dinner there and they won't let us use the kitchen. So, with a heavy heart, we COOKED IN COMMON ROOM!! huhu...

It is so inconvenient as we don't have water supply there. Have to walk to and fro from common room to the house apartment to wash our cooking appliances. Pity...

We cut, slice, boil and fry everything...into the oil it goes..lalala

After around 2 hours of cooking. Finally our meal is prepared...

TADA!! western with fries, cheese, baked beans, crab sticks, sausage, bread covered with egg and all the other stuffs and luncheon meat..ho ho ho..

The time spent is precious. Maybe we should cook something more healthy next time...>.<

Friday, April 03, 2009




再给我一点时间,我一定可以克服的。不知不觉, 眼泪不停的流下。。。

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Happy April Fool

Happy April fool!!! A day full with lies where you wont feel guilty at all. (hm...really?)

One of my coursemates played a prank about scholar money and our victim really believed it. It is until the end of the day only he knows that it was a prank played by our brilliant prankster with our collaboration. Wakaka...missed out a nice "show"... =p

Scholar $$ bila mau masuk?? T_T