Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's 2.45 am and i'm having a sleepless night..
Maybe it is because i slept too much for the previous days..

Anyway, i had the chance to listen to music while finishing up my work plus some revision...boring..weekend shouldn't be like that, but i'm way too lazy to get out from my cosy room..haha...

Had a very delicious and healthy dinner with Yuan Wen today.. we cooked ikan bilis with potato, plus fried egg...yum yum, but im hungry again now...haha

Went for Orchestra practise again today.
Below are the repertoire for our convo performance:

1.) Ikan Kekek
2.) 联奏 (一)
3.) 联奏 (三)
4.) 路边的野花不要采
5.) 男儿当志强
6.) Sempurna
7.) 金蛇狂舞

So many T______T
Gambatte oh ^_^

Thursday, August 14, 2008

LALAT cafe

Aren't all cafeteria(s) and anyone who is in the "food" business should be very hygenic?
Why are there house-fly flying around?

A few days ago, i just went to Pocket C to have my lunch...very hungry...everyone was like very interested in trying out their "wan tan mee", so i just join in the crowd and ordered one too...

It looks like a very Malay-ish type of mee, no wan tan (substituted with fishballs)...

(okay, since i ady bought, eat onilo...) Then halfway, suddenly saw 1 black thingy on top of my mee... can you tell me what is that???

OH MY GOODNESS!!! It's an idiotic house-fly on my pathetic mee...
Aih..............speechless.....wanna vomit......................

Can't imagine...what if i din pay attention when im eating? Then i would have EXTRA free protein dy T____T

P/s: Thx for the choc...still dare not eat...haha >.<

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The Chinese Ghost Festival is approaching...a reminder to all my beloved friends...don't ever walk alone at night in UTP...muahaha...jkla..

But still, if can, avoid ANYTHING from happening lahz... i want my BABI to pek cheh arrgghhh!!!!! T____T