Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heavenly breakfast

Had been practising a good sleeping habit lately, which means I need healthy breakfast!!

Let's see what you can have at home. >.<

Western breakfast >.<

Vege porridge

Egg tart

Banana cake

Wholemeal bun

Sponge cake

Kueh kacang

Bread with nuggets and Ribenna-apple juice

Sweet corn

Sausage & vege buns

And I always thought that there's actually a cake inside waiting for me to open and eat it when I was little =p

P/s: All of them are home-made oh ^_^

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random Post

I have made up my mind.
I have decided on what to do!
OMG. never felt this relieved before. wakaka!!!

I wanna be my old self again.
On the journey of discovering the unrevealed truth.
And to build a strong foundation and personality in seeking my goals in life.

Gambatte!!! ^_^

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fathers' Day

Okay, updates!

Fathers' Day, should be a happy day for all of us. But not in our family.

As I have mentioned in the previous post that we are going to have a great lunch to celebrate, we did.

Just when we are enjoying our lunch, we got a call from our relatives that my Grandma (mum's side) fell down when she got off the sofa and broke her leg.

For a 90 years old lady, falling down (or even just a light thump on the floor) will cause serious injuries because her bone is very fragile. Immediately, my mum give a call to our cousin, who is an Orthopedic Specialist.

So he went to Port Klang, check on her and immediately sent her to Pantai Hospital, the place where he is working. Operation is scheduled on Monday afternoon.

We went to visit her immediately after lunch. Her right leg was hanging and she keep on complaining that the bones near her waist is paining. Imagine you are 90, skinny with not much flesh and blood, and have to undergo a quite serious operation. Everyone is really praying hard for her. T_T

At 6.30pm, we reached home and I drop 'dead' on my bed. That sums up to 34 Hours of my sleepless hours.

Today, we went to the hospital to visit her again. She is warded in ICU. Only one person is allowed to go in and see her at a time. So, one by one we went in to ask her about her condition, and the answer we got is the same, she is feeling better but headache. She is not allowed to talk too much and need lots of rest.

Daddy says, we went in one by one will disturb her even more because she will just repeat the same thing over and over again. Everyone will ask the same question. And we should write her condition on a piece of board, hang it beside her bed for the visitors to see. >.< swt!

Well, will visit her again tomorrow, hopefully she will be out from ICU.

Grandmama, wish you have a quick recovery!!! =)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A night that I will never forget

Saturday, 20th June 2009

A day before Fathers' Day.

As planned, my grandmother, 1st and 2nd aunt and cousin sister came from KL to stay overnight in my house to celebrate Fathers' Day the next day. They arrived in the evening with their small bags and excited looks. How nice is family gathering once in a blue moon! It was such a long time since my brother and I have a nice hang out with our cousin sister =)

After dinner, out from nowhere, Aunt suddenly suggest that we go shopping at JJ without knowing that we already planned to mamak later on. Therefore, my brother, Audrey (cousin), aunt and I (We called it the youngsters group, except my aunt, kekekeh >.<) went JJ to window shop and for supper. As I have mentioned "window shopping", there is nothing that we want to buy. So, everyone ended up in the supermarket section =.=" And there came the weirdest statement i've ever come across: Quoted from my aunt

If you guys wanna yum cha later on, we won't buy ice cream potong,
If you guys not going, then only we buy ice cream potong.

The reason is that, we can't drink coffee and have ice cream in the same night. OMG! hahaha...we were like stunned for a while. Without further thinking, we immediately choose Yum Cha la of course!!! lolx...so cute.

Aunt insist on going to Old Town to have White Coffee (don't know why). So we just follow =(
Friends who know me well will know that I NEVER drink coffee since the last time I had Starbucks Coffee more than a year ago. This is because I always feel dizzy after a cup of coffee.
This time, after such a long period, i want to challenge myself and see whether my body really reject coffee or not.

Ordered a cup of Iced White Coffee, toast with kaya, butter and ice cream (delicious!)
Everything is fine for the 1st hour.

And then.............................................

It comes again!! That kinda of unpleasant feeling. The dizziness and headache. Oh man, how regretful am I to order that cup of coffee T_T

Back at home, the dizziness continues, and it is still too early to sleep. Brother snatched my laptop to online, Audrey also online in my room, dad and the aunts all cram on my bed to gossip. All the noises, the laughters and even the piercing and irritating noises keep on "flushing" into my ears. It was unbearable till I have to go downstairs to the peaceful hall to have a rest.

Only one person in this world know how I felt that night. (Yes you! hahah...)

After several peaceful moments, dad and 2nd aunt went back to their rooms to sleep. Left our happy gang earlier. The four of us are all "OWLS" . Audrey recommended us to watch a Singaporean short series named "Army Daze" through Youtube. It is seriously a very funny show, you guys should watch it. Each episode is around 8 to 10 minutes long and totally they have 9 episodes. We started loading and watching since 3 am till 5 am in the morning. Oh man! Imagine my 60 year old aunt sama sama as crazy as us! lolx.

After that, their batteries were totally dead. Brother went back to his room. Aunt and Audrey sleep in my room. Peaceful! I can hear someone snoring =p

However, no matter how hard i tried to close my eyes and sleep, i can't seem to relax and fall in a deep sleep mode. There are so many things in my mind right now. Flashbacks...old memories which seems so near, like it just happened yesterday. Good friends became normal and common acquaintance because of some reasons.

Why must these events happen? My mind is spinning non-stop. Very restless. Is this the effect of the coffee? Or my mind is playing with me? There are some things or memories that I can't get rid of. I'm CONFUSED. T_T

How nice if I can lie on my bed and sleep now.
Everyone in the house is awake now except Audrey and my brother.
(still sleeping like a cute lil' pig >.<)

It's 9.30 am now. Im already awake for 26 hours and still counting...
and we have to go for lunch (on Audrey) and dinner (on my brother and I) to celebrate Fathers' Day later. Pray hard that I can survive without banging on a wall today!!

I need SLEEP!!! How nice if I can sleep like her >.<
(and how nice if I'm as pretty as her..lolx!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mayo Magic

Went shopping that day and bought a packet of Mayo.
However, we stood there stunned for a while trying to figure out WHEN is the expiring date of that packet.

The manufacturer is trying to confuse people ah...
Use by 28th May 2010?? or
Use by 21st February 2010?? or
aih~ lazy to guess already.

Mayo Magic is not so "Magical" after all. Should be named Mayo Magic Mayo Confuse.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Guess what??

I managed to solve my Rubik's cube oh !!!!!
haha...after pending like a whole semester.

Some of you would say: "What??? so outdated! now only play Rubik's cube."

I would say, it's better late than never right? kekekeh >.<

Monday, June 15, 2009

Malaysia's Statue of Liberty

I was on the way to KL when i saw this in the car~ still in time to snap a photo at it!~~

This tree kinda attract my attention because it resembles the New York's Statue of Liberty.

Just, with a different hand...=)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Egg tart secret recipe

Tada!! Today, I'm gonna teach you how to make delicious egg tarts ^_^

First of all, the most important thing you need to have is a RECIPE...

Egg tart recipe:

For Dough:

250g Butter
250g Flour
100g Sugar
1 teaspoon of Salt
1 small Egg

For Filling:

1 can of Evaporated creamer
200g Sugar
5 Eggs (5 egg yolks and 4 egg white)

Next, prepare all the ingredients according to their stated amount.

~Butter and sugar~

~Flour and eggs~

~1 whole can of evaporated creamer~

You can use Carnation-brand creamer ^_^

Then, we will start making the dough 1st. Mix the flour, 1 small egg and butter together...

Then mix, mix and mix with your own hands...until it becomes like this...

(just like mi hun kueh..lolx)

Okay, the dough is ready. we need to prepare the fillings...

1st, pour approximately half can of evaporated creamer into a pot, add in sugar and heat it up.

Keep on stirring until all of the sugar is dissolved.

Then only add in the other half of the evaporated milk.

Next, beat up the mixture of 5 egg yolks and 4 egg white until it become frothy...

After this, you must wait for the evaporated milk to cooled down before you add in the eggs. This is to avoid the eggs to get cooked in a higher temperature.

Ho ho ho...we are reaching the most important and also the hardest part liaw. this is to form the shape of the dough.

1st, prepare the mould for the dough.

And apply some butter on them to prevent the dough from sticking to the mould after it's baked.

Hands-on time!!
Grab a small handful of dough and press it gently onto the mould. Make sure there are no air bubbles trapped in it so that your egg tart will be in perfect shape =)

The amount of dough can be adjusted according to how thick you want your egg tart crust to be.

Make sure it is evenly distributed around the mould...(can see some finger prints there..haha)

After this, you have to put all the dough into the oven and bake for 2 to 3 minutes to let the dough harden up a little bit before pouring in the fillings.

Then pour in the fillings and into the oven it goes (again)!!

After approximately 10 to 15 mins, you can take the tray out to have a look, if you think that it is not baked yet, then add the baking time until it is golden brown =p


Golden brown tasty egg tart!!


THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^_^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

P/s: This is not dangerous at all, so you can try it at home =p
All the best for those who dare to attempt this recipe... >.<

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Milk!!!

12th June is a very special day for our Chemi big leng lui oh^_^
She is 21 liaw!!! ho ho ho... (finally)

Longed to post this picture a very long time ago but somehow i can't find it till now..
Just realised that I don't have her picture standing alone...oh my... how hard to korek out her picture ler...(too photogenic liaw, dare not take pictures with her..wakakaka)

Can you spot her?

Sesat ler~~~

*cough cough* ~ In a serious tone: must take more pictures with milk liaw ^_^ haha

Anyway. Just to wish you Happy Birthday oh!!!! and many happy returns of the year!!! and...and...remember to smile always ^_^ miss u...muaxx >.<

Remember to live !


Had been wondering where I have been since I'm not posting anything for the past weeks?
It is because:

1) LAZY...am enjoying the carefree and stress-less LAST semester holiday.
2) SICK...for no reason, the 1st 2 weeks of my holiday i was caught with flu---> sore throat---> voiceless---> cough---> fever ---> then back to cough again. However, am getting better now, altho can speak, but can't sing. hahaha... most of my plans for the hols are ruined =(

Okay. cut the crap.

Feeling guilty of how I'm spending my holidays, finally i came up with a plan! Wahahaha..it's TOP secret. so i'm not revealing it here.

New day, new beginning...
1st thing I must change is my sleeping habit. No more sleeping at 6 or 7 am anymore. I wanna become an early bird liaw, so if anyone still see me online at 2 am please kick my ass..thank you.

So, i woke up very early this morning and prepare for the day. Just wondering that, my vision got blurred or haze is everywhere??

I can't even see the houses opposite, the basketball and the badminton court.aih~~

Okay, outdoor plan is cancelled for the day. Have to go for indoor plan!

The weather is so hot nowadays that everyone is complaining HOT! Even me, who is not afraid of the warm temperature normally, started to sweat during my nap.

It's time to say goodbye to water heater....(business not good dy)

And hell-o to aircond!!

Air-conditioner is very helpful especially in the hot season, because it provides us with cool and fresh air. YEAH!