Monday, December 24, 2007

Sweet sweet holiday

Had been quite busy these few days, first of all, with the trip to Taiping (my grandma’s house) and then to Penang for a day trip.

Normally, it takes only 3 and a half hours to Taiping from my house. But my father wanted to try a new route, which is the Pantai Remis way. Therefore, it’s very new to us and …….we got LOST!!!

Haha…we keep stopping by roadsides to ask for directions and finally arrived at our destiny after a FIVE hours drive…aih, although it takes a very long time but at least we enjoyed the scenery along the way..lolx

Not only these plantations all the way of course...we still have the chance to look at paddy fields, dragon fruit farms and many more...

I hadn’t been to Penang since I was 3 years old. Therefore, my parents kill two birds with one stone by visiting my grandmother in Taiping and at the same time, having a day trip in Penang. Since Penang is only 40 minutes drive from Taiping, we departed after breakfast and meet with Renae and her family in Penang. Hehe, with Penang ‘tour guides’, we wouldn’t get lost so easily…jk,jk..lolx

One thing I realized which makes Penang so much different than Klang is the environment. Although Penang is considered quite a developed state, it still has a lot of trees everywhere. Unlike our own place where we have to purposely plant our own trees for shade.

Anyway, I had a very enjoyable trip in Penang and I will always remember the monkey who managed to frighten me…hmmp…lolx

A million thanks to Renae and her family for their warm and kind hospitality ^^

Then, we are back to Taiping for another two days before we headed home. Well, not enough with the monkey, I was constantly being frightened by another animal…….which is my uncle’s

pet dog.

Funny ha? Many people love dogs, I don’t anti dogs, but this dog is different than others.

Don’t be deceived by its innocent and cute looks…lolx…its actually very fierce..can’t duduk diam diam de…once we approach it, it will jump and bark non-stop. I don’t even have a chance to give it a nice pat…haha…but it's a different story if you are holding a cane...then it will be extremely quiet and even will hide itself in the drain..wakaka

Well, really had a fun and enjoyable trip this time...thx to my dad and happie^^

Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy holidayz

It has been a week since my last paper on Thursday. Been movie marathon-ing for one whole week now…other than eat and sleep, I stayed in front of my computer, devoted all my time trying to finish up my tvb dramas as soon as possible so that I can spend my time doing other stuff. And yet, I can’t finish it, not even half of it….haha.

So, I gave up. What’s the point of rushing through the whole series without enjoying the process?

So here I am, start blogging again, hopefully can get rid of my temptation to continue my 60 episodes of “sui yue feng yun” …lol

Well, have u all heard of m’sia biggest jusco?? It’s at Bukit Tinggi 2, Klang!!! 15 mins away fr my house..hehe…so happy

Went there on the second day after it is officially open……all I can say is WOW!!!

There were so many ppl shopping their heads off…

It’s very big until u can’t finish shopping in a day, you can find almost everything in there, from head to toe…

*bouquets of flowers lined up in front of every beautiful*

One more thing which amazes me is the sushi at Jusco supermarket…I have been to so many Jusco at different places but Jusco klang has the most sushi of all.

*so many ppl buzzzzz around the stall*

*there are one and a half rows of these...wait till ai vee sees this...surely she will love it..kekeke*

Finally, at the end of the day, I’m too tired to walk until I have to hold on to my brother…hehe…

*sorry a gor..haha...*

Ooooooohh, holiday just started and I already feel so meaningless watching drama everyday at brain gonna rust!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Deepavali in study week??

First of all, i would like to wish a very Happy Deepavali to all of my friends who are celebrating it.

For UTPians...really pity them because they have to celebrate it during our study week, where they can't really enjoy at all.

As usual, i can't study in room...too many distractions..haha..therefore, planned to go to irc again, but on the way, met chinh and he told me irc is closed for the day due to Deepavali!!!! (forgotten it's a public holiday T_T)

Huhu...deepavali... people don't need to study mer? haha..just kidding...
Anyway, i have no choice but to stay in room for the whole day =(

Hungry...cooked my own lunch (still have the mood) ..bihun soup...then continue study in front of the com with JAY'S SONGS!!! wakaka...will never ever get bored of them. =p

Gambatte gambatte gambatte!!! back to business...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Jay's new album!!!

wakaka...finally it's out!! yippie...
I booked the album together with yoke mun's and we are suppose to collect it yesterday but...
the saleswoman said that we can only collect it on 9th of November due to some problems...too many people book dy...haha...(too 'laku' liao)

But, today...with many many thanks to hing hin...i can finally listen to all the 10 songs!!! happie..listening non-stop now...but finals approaching...anyone...pls control me...huhu...T_T

anyway, i must have self-control...tahan tahan...hahaha...listen, but with moderation...

These are the title of the songs for the latest "Jay on the run" album :

1) 周杰伦 - 彩虹
2) 周杰伦 - 我不配
3) 周杰伦 - 扯
4) 周杰伦 - 无双
5) 周杰伦 - 最长的电影
6) 周杰伦 - 牛仔很忙
7) 周杰伦 - 甜甜的
8) 周杰伦 - 蒲公英的约定
9) 周杰伦 - 阳光宅男
10) 周杰伦 - 青花瓷

And the sweetest song in the album and among all the other jay's songs so far goes to...num 7...damn sweet wey...
The 1st time i listen to it i can feel the sweetness piercing through my really suits the title... 甜甜的..sweet!!!

周杰伦 - 甜甜的

































































After whole day in irc pia dy...finally can go back to my room and enjoy the songs...

Thx dear...u really make my day ^^

dun worry folks...will comment on the other songs after i finish listening to them and when i'm extremely free...wakaka (next year maybe)..lolx

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


As next week is going to be our study week, then finals,
IRC's discussion rooms has been our favourite hideout these days...
But, everyone, remember...dun ever bring your laptop to the library especially when you are trying to study because..........................

SOMEONE will try to learn how to play dota...*with an expert beside*...

and then got addicted to it!!! wakakaka....

lol..just joking offence...
eventually she got bored/ lost interest in dota and changed to solitaire...kekekeh =p

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Something to ponder upon

他的手机会 为你24小时开机,
在你最需要他的 时候可以随时找到他,
因为他爱你, 所以会时时担心你

如果一个 男人爱你,
他会很自豪的告诉他的朋 友与家人你是他最
爱的女人 ,
而是用 一种行动去告诉别人,
你是他最爱的 女人!
不是真的很 优秀 。

如 果一个男 人真的爱你,
他会把除了工作之外的 很多时间都给你,当然会偶
尔和朋友 去聚会,
因为 他想时时刻刻都看见你。

如 果一个男人真的爱你,
他会毫不吝啬 的给你物质上的付出(我并不
是说所 有的女孩子都应该物质化,
这种付出 是他心甘 情愿的)
因为他觉得他所有 辛苦的努力就是为了让你
过上很幸福 的生活,
他爱你,不想让你过的那么 艰苦

如果一个男人真的爱你 ,
在你很 任性的时候任你发泄,
当你任性过去 的时候,
会很委屈的说:“老婆,我 又作错什么了?你
可以告诉我,我一 定改,千万不要生气,那样会把
身体 气坏的”

如果一个男人真的 爱你,
总有 很多 穿不完的衣服 ,
而此时你会发现他的裤子上有个小 洞洞,
他会很解嘲的说:“现在不是 流行乞丐服吗?再说
男人要有内涵, 穿那么好干什么?”
呵呵,因为他总 是看见漂亮的东西就买给你。

他就不在 乎陪你逛街会浪费他多少出去自由的机
会,因为他甘愿失去 那种所谓的自由。

如果一 个男人真 的爱你,
无论你们在一起多 久,
都会陪你 一起爬山,看海,看星星,看日落,

他 绝对不会嚷嚷着叫你去减肥,
但是这 个时候你自己一定要去健康减肥,
因 为苗条的女人确实可以叫人赏心悦目。
如果 一个男人真的爱你,
他不会 留恋与网络与别的小妹眉甜言蜜语,
哪有那 心思和别人废话。

如果 一个男人真的爱你,
他不会还和前女 友很密切联系,
虽说分手了还是朋友 ,
在她困难的时候可以去帮助她, 但是

如果一个男人 真的爱你,
他 在每天很辛苦的工作回到家的时候,
他爱 你,他绝对不会把不快乐带给你!
如 果一个男人真的爱你,
他会 在清晨上班的时候,
亲吻你的眼睛, 满足的说:宝贝,我上班去了!”
如 果一个男人真的爱你,
他绝 对不会忍心背叛你,
无论出于什么样 的动机。

他 会在你故意说要离开的时候,
撒娇的 不和你分开,
而在你真的想离开的时 候,
即便他真 的不愿意放手。
因为他爱你,只希望 你幸福。

如果一个男人 真的爱你,
那么你会比他的事业更重 要,
他绝对不会已事业为借口推脱你 。

如果一个男人真的爱 你,
他不会陪这所谓的客户去做所谓 的应酬,
(很多男人把找小姐说是谈 生意需要)
他 宁可不要这个 业务,

如果一个男人真的爱你 ,
他绝对不会一次次把你推向那冰冷 的手术台,
更不会让你一个人孤孤单 单的去走向那冰冷的世
界,,,他会 郑重的说:“把我们的宝贝生下来
吧 !”

如果一个男人真的爱你 ,

This is what a friend of mine posted on friendster bulletin...
Hmm... i wonder how true is this??? @.@

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Not a very good ending T.T

Part 1
This morning when i woke up, the mood to cook came rushing in...
Therefore, i prepared egg sandwich for my lunch. It's just a very simple lunch and extremely easy to make...

First, boil the eggs where i brought from v4 shop yesterday night....

Then, after it is cooked, peel off the shell and smash it into small pieces...

After that, add some soya sauce, pepper, mayonaise/ thousand island and mix it together... is ready to be served!!! lolx...


Part 2
In the evening, hand itchy again...wanted to cook something...
Then just boil easy one...

This is where THINGS started to happen...while waiting for my barley...i took my Organic Chemistry's lecture notes to study in the kitchen.

Then, after my barley is cooked.. i wanted to pour it into a smaller container to keep it in the fridge... mana tau tertumpah a bit onto my beautiful lecture notes...huhu...and it became like this....

Lesson of the day:

Do not study in the kitchen's...*do not study while cooking in the kitchen!!!*

But, the result of my barley is satisfactory...=) (luckily..fuh...)

This is just the starting of more bad luck...
As i wanted to keep my stuff in the fridge, i started to clear out a bit to make space for my container...

Suddenly, i heard a very loud *POP*!!!!
and my clothes, the whole fridge, and the floor are all filled with juice!!!

*in the fridge*

*the floor*

Huhu...bad luck aaa...after much investigation, i found out that one of the bottles of juice in the fridge EXPLODED!!!

I had seen 3 bottles of this juice in the fridge a few months ago...until now, they still kept it in the fridge untouched!!! It's a new bottle, never opened before...

JUS AMBRA!!! I will remember you!!!! HMMP!!!

Then, i check out the other two bottles...wondering why it exploded just like that and i found this...

What the hell??!! berkulat kah?? lolx...

I wonder how unhygienic they can be...i wonder whose bottle is that...all of my housemates went out to berbuka puasa dy...anyway..i decided to warn them by pasting a notice on the fridge...i can't risk letting my things got soaked in that stinky JUS AMBRA again...blek...

Aih...wiped the whole fridge and mopped the floor too...tired...
i was just wondering that will the ants pay us a visit soon??? hahaha...

Got to bath...tata

Friday, September 28, 2007

Selamat berpuasa and selamat berbuka puasa!!! lolx..

2 weeks passed by just like that...almost everyday i will skip my lunch because there's nothing to eat in cafe(s)...ok, well...some are still open but they only have chickens!!! and chickens which are cooked in 5 types of different spices...lolx...saw chicken also want to vomit dy...haha

However, the only thing that i'm looking forward to is the kuihs in v3 and...dinner in Kg Bali...haha...

I miss Chinese food.. Chinese food is the best!!!

*Our all-time favourite...salad chicken*

*Fried french bean with prawn*

*Fried sotong*

*Steamed fish*

Yummy..yummy..i'll never forget what it taste like oo..haha..

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finally...last lab!!!

After 8 long weeks, finally, we had our last lab on Tuesday.
No more lab reports after this!!! happie...

Therefore, even before we finish our experiment, we started to become a bit of erm.... ss (syok sendiri) by taking photos while waiting for the experiment results.

This is taken after our Physical Chemistry lab session...which ended a week ago.

*My Physical Chemistry lab partner, Kamilah and i*

*paise...too ss liao..wakaka*

*Nirash and i are two "kambing sesat"...with 4 Organic Chemistry's students..hehe*

For our Organic Chemistry lab session:

Last exp!! last exp!!! yippie...

*Fr left, me, mildred, cally and jasmitt*

Say bye bye to our lab demo(s)...especially the Parkistani guy...wakaka...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tagged again...for the second time =p

~Tagged by a Leng Lui name Wen Sher~

Layer 1: On The Outside
Name: Amy
Birthdate: 22nd March 1988
Current status: Single
Eye Colour: Dark brown..heh
Hair Colour: Black

Layer 2: On The Inside
My Heritage: Malaysia
My Fear: Infinity...never in peace
My Weakness: Lack of self-confidence
My Perfect Pizza: Any pizza will do =p

Layer 3: Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow
The First Thought Of Waking Up: Can i sleep back? *yawn*
My Bed Time: 3 am ..lolx
My Most Missed Memories: Camping trip with friends and family

Layer 4: My Pick
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi!!! Coke can use to wash my toilet bowl de (",)
Mcdonalds or Burger King: Mc D...
Single or Group Dates: Both
Adidas or Nike: preference
Tea or Nestea: Nestea gua...lolx
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate...dun care dy only diet..wakaka
Capuccino or Coffee: Capuccino...but i seldom drink also

Layer 5: DO YOU..
Smoke: Definitely not.
Take A Shower: Of course!! =.="
Have A Crush: hmmp...i wonder @.@
Go To School: Primary, secondary or high school? kicked out from school dy.wakaka
Believe In Yourself: Trying very hard to...
Think You're A Health Freak: So so la...

Layer 6: In The Past
Drink Alcohol: One or two sips of calsberg
Gone To The Mall: Definitely
Dyed Your Hair: Nop.. and never will

Layer 7: Are You Hoping To..
Get Married: Yeap...27 and above
Have Children: Yup

Layer 8: In A Guy
Best Eye Colour: depends on how it looked on them
Best Hair Colour: Natural..
Short or Long Hair: Prefer short. but depends style also..

Layer 9: What Were You Doing Just Now?
A Minute Ago: Cracking my brain for this
An Hour Ago: Watching "huan huan ai"
Month Ago: Memory lost
Year ago: Lagi sesat la ni...haha

I love: Family and friends
I hate: To make decisions
I hide: My feelings...hardly express myself much

Layer 11 : Tag 5 people
*Siew Feng*
*Ai Vee*
*Michael Foo*

Monday, September 24, 2007

Er Hu

This is what i had been keeping myself busied with every Sunday night between 10.30 pm to 12 am. Yuan Wen and i tried our best to attend to every lesson taught by wen bin and jia min through UTP Chinese Orchestra group. This is definitely not an easy instrument to play. The position and the angle of your fingerings are very important.

Finally, after 3 weeks of lessons, we managed to play a tune of "twinkle twinkle little star", although it's quite a simple song, the satisfaction is there =)

However, it's just only the starting of it...gambatte!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

An unforgetable weekend

Happily went home on the 13th of September evening by bus with Jasmitt, Eileen and Jason Puan. Had quite a long journey but it is worth it. Really had a very relaxing weekend at home, leaving UTP and all the assignments and stress behind for a while...makes me cooled down a little and not so grumpy anymore =p

And most importantly...HOME COOK!!! lol...

*From left, inouki mushroom with cabbage, ikan mabung and long beans*

After half an hour....

Left this poor little fishy sleeping in the fridge...wakaka

Miss my mum's cooking mood to eat in UTP's cafe anymore, especially this month, which is the Bulan Puasa for the Malays, lagi nothing to eat..huhu

After our main's time for dessert!!! lol..with my favourite fruit salad...(i made it on my own de oo =p)

hmmp, okla..i know the colour is a bit pale..hehe...but you really should taste it...i'm not praising's a combination of a honeydew, 2 apples, nata de coco and mayonaise...hehe...all really no colour de =p *hands up* (not my fault...wakaka)

Then... we have our...

Orange sponge cake!!! lol...freshly baked from the oven....hehe

:( missing home already...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The happiest night in UTP so far !!!


After Moral test, which is the last test for all the Chemical Engineering students, we happily started planning of what to do later on after all the classes. As weekend is approaching, most of us can't wait to go home...the only thing which we hadn't do is to BUY bus ticket!!! lol, afraid that the bus ticket will be all sold out soon, we quickly borrowed the church van to go Taman Maju to buy the tickets.

Well, as i have's a VAN!!! manual some more!!! None of us, (renae, hui san and i) ever driven a van before. Die la... haha...but Teck Keong said that it's almost the same as driving a car but still, i have no confidence in driving a van. Therefore, Renae, who is so used to drive auto, said she wanted to give it a try. So, let it be..hehe...[i very bad bad oso..but i dare not do something which i'm not confident in..later what happen die lo]

I really salute whoever who parked the van there. It was so narrow and slant. More over, there's a car who parked at the side of the parking space which should be left empty. Now, it is more complicated to drive the van out as the road is slanting and the car is blocking, making the exit path narrower than ever..fuh...

Therefore, Renae give it a try by accelerating the van. Haha, for a person who didn't drive a manual car for so long, let alone a VAN...hmmp...(don't want to say here..later i kena from I asked her to stop to change was sooooo hard to get out of that parking space...i almost hit the car which block our way cos it's too narrow. Renae and hui san was like two "mak guards" standing there, keep shouting:

"stop, stop!!!"
"turn left...left some more..."
"okay, turn back straight"
"okay, go!!!!!"

Haha, there were a few pedestrians passed by...fixed their eyes on us, then stand there "watching show" ...aih...tell you, i don't know where to dig 1 big big hole to hide my face inside...
haha...but then, after a few minutes, we finally managed to get out!!! lol...then, into the van we go!!! (thx to both of my mak guards =p what should i do without you both? lol) My first time driving a van wei!!!! haha...not long after that, Renae wants to try driving we exchange places...hmmp, well, pray hard...and thank God that we finally reach IRC offence dear..jk nia..haha)

Then hwee huat, our super safe driver take over, along with a super sleepy Herman (lol) , we are off to Taman Maju!!! our main purpose...which is to buy the tickets. Haha...i was so happy that i can jump non stop there when i had bought the ticket!!!! lol...finally can go back after 2 whole months!!!

Then, off to our next destination, which is Kampung Bali to eat seafood. It is well known for it's delicious cookings and cheap prices. Therefore, we ordered a plate of salad chicken, sweet and sour fish, fried kacang botol with chilly, fried sotong and a big bowl of vege soup...with rice of course...waaa...imagine, it's like eating in a restaurant with my family, with all the dishes together. Haha...well, took some pictures but it is not with me now. Haha, all of us is like so full after finishing all the food..can't walk...both of the guys even add rice some

Happily, we headed back to UTP. The sky was already dark at that time. We joked and had fun all the way back until i almost had a stomach the food already digested...hahaha

Then, i still get a chance to have a long drive around UTP before we send off Hwee Huat and Herman at IRC. lol..first time driving a van wei!! i will never ever forget it in my life..

We departed at 5.45 and i finally reached my room at energy level was like in a very serious negative value because i had not enough sleep the night before..

But overall, i really had lots of fun and excitement (sitting in a van driven by renae and hui hahaha....

Thanks to each and everyone of best night so far in UTP =p

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Let pictures do the talking~ =p

It has been a long time since i last updated my blog.
There are so many tests for the past 2 weeks with assignments flowing in and out.
Finally, I can have a short rest and update it...
I'll let photos do the talking this time as siew feng dear requested MORE photos!!! hehe...

Let's start with "couple" photos according to the arrangement of the events~
These are some of my favourites~

*Mei Fang leng lui and I during MAS...*
(missing MAS)

*Min min and I at Lata Kinjang (soaking wet =p)*

*Nae dear and I during Tun Mahathir's talk in UTP*
(opps, not paying attention..heh...busy taking photos^^)

*Yoke Mun a.k.a babi goh and I after Chang Hua's drama celebration*
(Lily is standing behind us =p)

*Evelyn ~roomie and I at Genting*

*Min min and I with an elephant in Genting*

*Nae dear and I after our Dean's list award ceremony*
( formal..hehe)

*Leng lui Lily and me during EDX*

*Chang Hua ji mui and I during*

*Peow and I at the back stage during EDX ^^*

*Min min and I posing during our jog beside the UTP lake =p*
(posing like a REAL couple eh? lol)

*Got blamed for something which is not my fault came off by itself de..heh*

*Taken during IW's appreciation night/ grand opening for Malaysia's 50th year of independence*
~was asked to become usher for the door~sweat=.="
( patriotic..hehe)

*Evelyn and I (sweet sweet =p)*

Last but not least...

*My favourite "babi~s" family and I at Genting*

That's all for now folks~ bb^^