Monday, December 24, 2007

Sweet sweet holiday

Had been quite busy these few days, first of all, with the trip to Taiping (my grandma’s house) and then to Penang for a day trip.

Normally, it takes only 3 and a half hours to Taiping from my house. But my father wanted to try a new route, which is the Pantai Remis way. Therefore, it’s very new to us and …….we got LOST!!!

Haha…we keep stopping by roadsides to ask for directions and finally arrived at our destiny after a FIVE hours drive…aih, although it takes a very long time but at least we enjoyed the scenery along the way..lolx

Not only these plantations all the way of course...we still have the chance to look at paddy fields, dragon fruit farms and many more...

I hadn’t been to Penang since I was 3 years old. Therefore, my parents kill two birds with one stone by visiting my grandmother in Taiping and at the same time, having a day trip in Penang. Since Penang is only 40 minutes drive from Taiping, we departed after breakfast and meet with Renae and her family in Penang. Hehe, with Penang ‘tour guides’, we wouldn’t get lost so easily…jk,jk..lolx

One thing I realized which makes Penang so much different than Klang is the environment. Although Penang is considered quite a developed state, it still has a lot of trees everywhere. Unlike our own place where we have to purposely plant our own trees for shade.

Anyway, I had a very enjoyable trip in Penang and I will always remember the monkey who managed to frighten me…hmmp…lolx

A million thanks to Renae and her family for their warm and kind hospitality ^^

Then, we are back to Taiping for another two days before we headed home. Well, not enough with the monkey, I was constantly being frightened by another animal…….which is my uncle’s

pet dog.

Funny ha? Many people love dogs, I don’t anti dogs, but this dog is different than others.

Don’t be deceived by its innocent and cute looks…lolx…its actually very fierce..can’t duduk diam diam de…once we approach it, it will jump and bark non-stop. I don’t even have a chance to give it a nice pat…haha…but it's a different story if you are holding a cane...then it will be extremely quiet and even will hide itself in the drain..wakaka

Well, really had a fun and enjoyable trip this time...thx to my dad and happie^^