Sunday, September 25, 2011

A tough battle with termites

It's the very first morning at home after I left UTP for good. My dad knocked on my door at 11.30 am and with a very worried tone, he rushed into my room's toilet door and started digging the door frame. I was half awake at that time. Still in a shocking mood, he told me that our door frames are attacked by termites!

I can feel that the door frame is so soft under the pressure of my thumb and i can hear the "crek crek crek" sound made by the termites. So we called up the pest control company and the guy suggest on 3 methods to solve our termite problem:

1) Normal spraying of chemicals at the infected area. Cost: RM680
2) Drilling multiple holes through the floor to spray the chemicals into underground area. Cost: RM1600
3) Termite baiting system. Cost: RM1800

The first method involves spraying at the infected door frame only. It will kill the termites for the moment but they might come back easily after a period of time. It's a budget method to cure the termite problem but its not very effective. Canceled.

The second method involves drilling hundreds of holes in the joints of the floor tiles. This is the most common method and there will be a hole every 2 feet of tiles. However, drilling hundreds of holes in your floor will of course destroy your beautiful tiled floor. Therefore, it is canceled.

Final method which is the termite baiting system is quite popular today since it doesn’t require holes to be drilled into your floor. They will install a container with poisoned termite food attached to the door frame. This will kill the whole colony of termites underground and it is proved to be effective.

So in the end we picked the third method and the guy help us install it on the spot. The roof and 1st floor are checked and its termite free. Therefore we only need to treat the doors downstairs.

We poked a hole through the door frame and stick some tissue at the entrance as bait. Termites start to climb out of the whole (creepy)

He glued the Sentricon (bait) to three of our door frames and just leave it for the termites to eat.

We have to live with this thing for a year and they will visit us 8 times in a year to monitor the termites condition until it is totally gone~

Which means we have to live with one year of soft door frame and hope that they wont just fall off anytime T__T

Fun fact: the queen termite is giving birth to 20,000 little termites everyday. So beware!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is this the end?

This is the day!!! the day!!! the day i finished my FYP presentation!!

Was so nervous the previous night until i can't think of anything...
Many many thanks to all my friends who supported and comforted me... really thankful to have you guys around...

I will definitely miss those moments pia-ing for exams and presentations but life has to go on. I can't wait to end everything here in UTP and start on my new chapter of life...

Waittttt for meeeeeeeeeeee :D