Sunday, January 31, 2010

No CNY this year

After 2 months of internship in Bintulu...

Mum: So how are you doing there?

Me: I'm fine.

Mum: Are you coming back Klang this CNY?

Me: No. (but still hoping for some miracle)

Mum: The flight ticket is like RM 500 to 600 dy right?

Me: Ya.

Mum: Do you want to come home?

Me: ... (In heart *what kind of question is that? what the hell should i answer?)

Mum: Dad is on the phone, he is not free to talk to you. Take care then. Bye bye.

Me: Bye bye.

Does that sounds right to you?

Monday, January 18, 2010


It has been raining since last week and we were trapped in this icy cold weather.

Have to walk around in the plant with rain coat. Cold!

Climbed up very very very high to the primary reformer today and saw lots of steam released by the steam drum which looked like a huge wave of clouds floated by. This made me thought of Genting Highlands where I have this sudden urge to catch a flight to KL and then take a bus to Genting for a holiday =p

Since I can't do anything about it, myself focus and explore the reformer >.<
It was fun learning on how to start up the whole thing and the operators are very willing to teach us the theory behind it =) It was a good day (",)

Am feeling a little guilty of not blogging about the caroling trip to the long house. Tho its a bit late but here are some pictures of it ^_^

*The longest house I have ever seen*

*Isn't it amazing?lolx~*

*Messy hair~ cutting soon >.< *

*From left: Sebastian, nae, me and Sebastian's friend who sings very loudly =p*

Love the song "Felis Navidad" and always keep in mind, never ever clap for this song! hehe >.<

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rain oh rain

Early in the morning, 6 am as usual, woke up shivering because it is raining cats and dogs outside. Prepare for work lazily wishing that I can apply for emergency leave and sleep for the whole day. But my conscious mind told me not to.

Run to the bus half wet, thanks to Raymond for the umbrella, then into the plant where most of the places are flooded with 1 or 2 inches of water. Had my safety shoes soaked in the water. Coverall was half wet, heavy and cold =(

The rain lasted for not 1 or 2 but 18 hours! and still counting. It is now too cold to bath also T______T oh crap! the weather is killing me!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bintulu people

Bintulu people over-friendly or Klang people unfriendly?

Haha! there's this shop named Sin Leong opposite our house. Renae and I loved the food there because it is delicious with a reasonable price. Therefore, we always bungkus from there very often until the "tauke niu" (lady boss) know us liaw.

So we went there today to dabao again and she chit chat with us for a while, asking whether are we going back for Chinese New Year. So as usual I will say NO, then she asked why. I was too lazy to explain because its a damn long story and I just blame on the expensive flight ticket =p ~jahat~

Then out of a sudden, she invited me to stay with her and her family for CNY. Can u imagine that? Renae and I were stunned~~

She said: "dun worry, our house got no guys and I have 4 daughters"

Hahaha~ speechless.....even Klang people here in Bintulu also not that friendly..lolx~~

Continue with my dinner~~ tata!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mahjong addict (s)

Have you ever played mahjong before?

I learned once during the holiday trip to Redang, was taught how to play by my friends but then stopped after the trip because no "kaki" and no mahjong set.

However, met Melissa here in Bintulu where she got a complete set together with 3 "kaki" : Melissa, Renae and me!! wakaka!

So Renae and I pick up the real method of playing the 3-players mahjong and started to get addicted to it already. Played for 6 hours today from 3 pm till 9 pm at Mel's house, then cook spagetti for dinner >.<

Happie ^_^