Thursday, November 26, 2009


Marks the date of last final paper, farewells and journey to KL~~!!

Finished our last paper at 12.11pm (finally), packed and off to KL! Starved for the whole day, skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner and proceed to supper at 11.30pm (Mc D again~~ i can pokkai dy..haha!)

Bidding farewell to close friends was hard as tears will begin to roll down from your cheeks, gonna miss them lots T_____T

Will miss the days in IRC "pia-ing" for finals, will miss my v5 room also, had been staying there for two and a half years already....

Currently enjoying in KL! Hope the time stops here so that I can shop and devour nice nice food longer here ^_^

~Rainy days in IRC~

~View from my room-opposite (Block K)~

~Right side (Block J)~

~Left side (Block G)~

Still, i think that Block H is the most strategic block..wakaka! Hopefully i can still stay in the same block when I'm back from internship =)

Finally, miss u lots too~~my beloved....ROOM!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mc Donalds---I'm lovin' it!

What awaits you after a long, tiring day of revision?

It's my favourite Mc Donalds!!! wakakak~~~It was a depressing day and was so happy to see this on my table and happily devour it with my favourite series ^_^

IT made my day~~~ ho ho

I love you, Mc D.

P/s: Thanks to Huongket and Yuan Wen for the food =p

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I can fly!!!

11th November marks the date of victory!!!! Of what?

Tada~~~ Finally i managed to transfer money to MAS by using CIMB clicks~~ ho ho! And it is Rm 119 to Bintulu....=p

It took me so long to finally transfer that amount of money. Otherwise, I will be swimming over to Bintulu together with the crocodiles. ^_^

Monday, November 09, 2009

Evelyn and Sim's birthday celebration

2nd November every year marks the special date for my room mate as it is her birthday. We celebrated at the Pavillion in UTP together with Sim's which is on the 9th November~~

It was fun to get together and CELEBRATE! I shall let the pictures do the talking ^_^

~Birthday Boy~
*The normal cake...for throwing purpose*

~Birthday Girl~

*Yummy birthday cake with beautiful candles....credited to Denggi*

*Playing time*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Babi family ^_^

Will miss you guys during intern T______________T