Sunday, June 22, 2008


I bet the story of Eragon is very normal to most of you but it is a different scenario in my family...

ever since i bought the book 1 of Eragon, my father had been fanatic about it...snatching it away from me T_T and he began reading, once he started reading, he became addicted and now, keep on looking for book 2, Eldest...

Once, he saw it in Klang's Jusco but the condition of the book is very bad. Too bad for him but luckily, we saw it again in 1Utama's Popular book store...bought it and here goes the trend again...haha

He is already halfway through book 2 but i'm still stuck in book 1..wakaka.

Book 1: Eragon

Book 2: Eldest (looks so fierce..haha)


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Silence is Golden

At a very young age, i had already found out that whenever a massive abstract "bomb" is coming in my way, silence is golden.

I'll keep my mouth shut, let the bomb explode itself and then i will clean up the mess.

I choose to keep quiet not because i'm afraid of you nor because i admit that i had done anything wrong. It's just another way of showing my respect by letting you finish up what you want to say and let out your thoughts. I don't want to say anything as whatever come out from my mouth at that time will be all rubbish and stupid excuses that i had made to you.

That is another reason why i love the nick "froz3ntree" so much as when anything happens, i can stay frozen and just be a doll for you to hit or scold. However, although my eyes and mouth are closed, i will keep my ears open. Listen to what you have to say...

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Finished watching all my series in a lightning speed...
back to square one now...

looking for something to do, mum saw me sitting there thinking and she started searching for something in my hair...

curious? what is she looking for?

the answer is................WHITE HAIR!!! i that old for you to start pulling out all the white hairs? How old am i? only 20 wey...aih

1 fully white hair
6 half white, half brown
1 golden (soon-to-be white hair)

8 strands!!! wow, it's amazing that my mum can still find 8 strands out of her glasses.

and then she says: Why am i the one who are doing this? we should exchange places...

anyway, i don't want to be a white hair ghost, maybe i should dye it....hehe (exaggerating >.<)

so, "someone" actually invite me over to Seremban and offer free meals and a tour around, kekekeh, should i go?? lolx...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Anyone knows where can i get my er hu fixed?? T_T

i need help...