Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lost in the middle of nowhere

I'm so lost right now, lost in words, lost in action, lost in everything i do.. what is happening? I don't know.

Watched "8 Simple Rules in Dating my Teenage Daughter" recently and that makes me miss my dad even more. He is always there to consult me in everything i do. He is a very wise man. However, there are somethings that i still can't confide in him.

It is so hard to find someone whom you really trust these days. The ones whom I trust, is not there for me anymore. I'm slowly crawling to find some light. Hope to get some enlightenment before I went psychotically crazy.

Am gonna suffer during this "puasa" period. Luckily, thanks to my friends, we got to bungkus rice from Tronoh. ^_^ Additional with a yummy skinny maggot I found in the rice. Why is it so skinny? They puasa also kot~~~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ChemE July '06 / '07

Caricature of the semester!!
Can you recognize who is who? =p

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy for you, friend.

Recently, I just found out that my friend, X, found a new partner and living life the way it should be. Though we might have an unhappy past or a sudden full stop in our friendship but when I found out that everything is well and wonderful for X, I felt really happy from the bottom of my heart. ^_^

Wishing you all the best in your future undertakings =)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Plants Vs. Zombies

Just a quick update~~~

I have already finished up all the levels in adventure section of plants vs zombies (pop cap games) and found that the victory video is damn cute~~

There are a huge wave of zombies on my lawn dancing and singing so happily....wakaka!!

UTP is closed down for a week due to H1N1 outbreak. I thought that perhaps I can make full use of this time to complete all the hanging tasks.

But now, I'm so stuck in this fever and cough that my brain is not functioning at all
I'm being monitored by my parents every minute
had my temperature taken and recorded every hour
quarantined in my own room and own toilet, not even a step out from my room
everything is sent thru the door
had all the attention i want but I JUST WANT A NORMAL LIFE ='(

Fever faster go away please!!! T_T

Thanks to my parents who are taking great care of me...=)
and thanks to all my friends who are concern about me...take care and drink lots of water everyone!!!!!