Thursday, April 29, 2010

A very busy week

This is the most busy and tiring week so far in Bintulu...

Plant tripped twice on Monday and my boss blamed himself for thinking of plant trip on his birthday and it came true! haha~ Hot start up and pump change over twice on that day, in time to see the mechanical seal of the pump leak and solution splashing out like it's raining!

Can see everyone running here and there trying to control the's a rare scene I would say..glad that I get to see those things in the plant ^_^

Then, it comes to Activated Carbon change out for 3 days...
Came to realize that management in terms of manpower, equipments, procedures and permits are very important..the whole thing will be ruined if things are not done properly.

Enough about work...washing both of my coveralls like hell =( covered with activated carbon, black and dirty..i wonder how many times i need to soak and wash them until the stain is gone..haha! tiring~

I even got "souvenir" from the ACF changeout:

More than 1 inch long of bruise because i climbed the monkey ladder too fast~ don't know in a hurry to go where! lolx~~it was fun tho =)

Anyway, the most fun part is: I'm going Kuala Belait to have my long awaited sushi!

It's gonna be a long trip from Bintulu --> Miri --> Brunei --> Miri --> Bintulu

I'm sooooo gonna get my sushi, mcD, Secret Recipe and maybe Haagen Daaz this time ^_^ and also lots of shopping and movie marathon? Can't wait for the sky to turn bright this time..lolx!!~

Enjoy your long weekends everyone =p

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feeling old already?

Met an operator with his son in ParkCity Mall the other day and he asked his son to call me "Aunty Amy"???

Do I look that old? Cilaka~~ I told him, it's Kak Amy, not Aunty Amy...

If this continues, even if I apply 10 anti wrinkle masks per month also tak guna eh~ lolx!!!~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jungle trekking

Hello everyone! I'm back after half a month of break...i didn't know that i actually influenced a friend of mine into writing his blog daily but i stopped writing mine.. (get scolded of course! hahaha~ =p)

Went for jungle trekking in Tanjung Batu area near Taman Tumbina on Sunday evening. Didn't bring my camera along, so no pictures this time =(

I wouldn't say that it's not challenging to jungle trek it but I think that its 5% of Mount Kinabalu? (just an estimation)

But I hardly did any extreme exercise for a long period, felt a bit weakened after the climb. haha! nevermind...shall make it as a weekly thing to do? haha~

Going for Sushi King Monday night due to this 3 days promotion of RM2 on all the plates..wahaha! seriously can't wait for it!!!

Good night world ^_^